Helping To Heal Loved Ones Who Have Passed Over…

Helping To Heal Loved Ones Who Have Passed Over

“The main goal and objective of this experience, here, on earth, is: to get out of this lifetime alive.” -Ancient Shamanic Wisdom

Do you know someone who has already passed away, such as a parent, sibling, grandparent, or other relative? Did they experience illnesses, diseases, traumas, pains or suffering, whether leading up to the times they died, or at any time during their lifetime(s)? Do you ever feel their presence and like they are looking for your help and trying to connect with you? If so, this may resonate with you on a deep level.

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Shamanic Death Rites

The great shamanic death rites are a series of healings, or processes, to help a loved one who has already passed to transition and fully pass back over to the energetic realm. They say that your true eternal nature is the one who was never born and who will never die.

Shamans believe that when we die, our physical body is returned to the earth to be processed, our wisdom goes to the apus (the mountains), and our Spirit takes flight and makes the great Journey home to the heavens and back to the realm of energy. The issue arises, however, when that loved one, or luminous being, has experienced traumas, pains, sufferings, or unresolved karmic debt in their lives, and they attempt to make the Journey home, but for one reason or another they become stuck in between worlds.

For example, much like many of us today are walking around with soul loss—pieces of our souls that became too scared during a significant or traumatic event and fled the body to take harbor elsewhere because the physical vehicle was no longer safe. The same thing may have happened in the lives of our loved ones, but for whatever reason, they were unable to seek and receive healing from a shaman or energy medicine practitioner.

The resulting effect is that the soul pieces are still lost, and in that case, those pieces reside in something we call the Bardos—essentially the in-between worlds from this time-space reality of matter, and the world of Spirit or energy. When that happens, the processes by which shamans help these loved ones, is to perform the shamanic death rites, an initiation and series of healings in order to help retrieve their soul pieces, illuminate their chakras and subtle energy bodies, clear the karmic imprints in the luminous energy field, and release them from any unnecessary suffering, ties, energetic cords, attachments and the like, that are no longer serving them and preventing them from freely moving about the worlds.

Guiding Our Lost Loved Ones

In this way, the first step in the process is very similar to a soul retrieval performed for any one of us, still living in this time-space reality. In other words, we as shamans travel, or Journey, to find the lost soul pieces and the underlying circumstances giving rise to the trauma. So too do we then call in the luminous energy body and integrate the soul pieces back together. During this session, we also perform a seven-chakra illumination, clearing and combusting the negative energies in the field and subtle bodies.

In a sense, it’s very much like the great healing all in one—combining many techniques we use on each and every one of us—culminating in the one great healing these loved ones never had. For more info on shamanic energy medicine work, you can check out earlier articles that apply in the same respects whether an individual is living or has already transitioned and passed over. Those articles are titled and relating to the same, for example, The Healing Benefits of Energy Work With Shamans, or The Soul Retrieval Process.

This is one of the greatest gifts you can give a loved one, helping them in any way that you can to process their transition back to the world of energy. For clarification, this doesn’t mean you lose contact with them, or that they are not able to communicate with you more, or that they are no longer able to visit you. In fact, and in many respects, if anything, many times it means they are able to do all of those things even more. Because they are then whole, once again, integrated back together as a cohesive soul piece without fragmented soul loss, and free now to move about the worlds.

Shamans say that one of the main goals in living today, is to make sure that we get out of this lifetime alive. They believe that there is a sea of consciousness, much like the ocean, and that each and every one of us are drops in that ocean—individuated, unique puzzle pieces integrating into the greater, infinite whole. And so in this way, shamans sought out to seek whether, if after death, we retain our individual sense of consciousness even when we die. This is why they say and place so much importance on: getting out of this lifetime alive. In other words, we offer ourselves in service to these individuals, helping them to die consciously.

Helping Even in the Afterlife

By helping our loved ones to make this transition as smoothly and comfortably as possible, we give them one of the greatest gifts we can—many say even more so than any gifts we could have given them when they were alive and here with us in the physical sense. And when we do so, so too do we help free ourselves, not only healing from the grief and loss we experienced when losing them, but also to break free from the karmic patterns, restraints, ties, energetic attachments and the like—that may be keeping us bound to suffer from the same illnesses, genetics, diseases, imprints, patterns, addictions, relationships, traumas and suffering, that they did when they were living.

In this sense, it is incredibly healing for both parties. And both an honor and a privilege—not only for the client but also for the shaman helping and assisting to facilitate this great Journey back home. For those of you who have experienced loss, you can seek out a modern shaman to work with, to process and mulch these feelings, and also to share in this sacred ceremony of setting these luminous beings free and helping to heal them once and for all. Ensuring that they make a safe and uninterrupted Journey back to Source.


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