Healing Your Child’s Gaming Addiction…

Healing Your Child’s Gaming Addiction

There is a new addictive behavior that has taken over our teenagers and young people. They become withdrawn, separate themselves from everyone, quit all their social activities and become secretive. In some instances, they stop taking showers and doing their homework. Some teenagers will not put away their devices no matter what, even if they’re told to do so. This causes a lot of problems at home.

What’s this new addictive behavior? It’s gaming addiction that affects 8 to 10% of young people in the U.S. What can be done to heal our children?

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Find help

There are some psychiatrists who specialize in helping teenagers with this addiction and behavior. You can find them in your area and make an appointment for your loved one.

Put away the gadgets

Many people are doing just that and they are moving to simpler ways of living. Instead of playing games online they have to work in the garden, learn to play piano or some other musical instrument; and do other endeavors such as playing basketball, or football, or baseball, or joining the track team. Of course, some kids need their computers to do their homework on, but their parents limit how long they can use it.

Get them outdoors

Lots of young people don’t know what to do outdoors anymore. Get them involved in Scouts, or FFA, or 4H, or some other activity. Take the time to bring them outdoors too. Nature is healing for the mind, so make sure to get them doing outside activities like camping, swimming, trail riding, skating, hiking, and skiing.

Have them join clubs

It seems that these teenagers are cocooning themselves away from everyone and that is not good. It’s important to push them a bit to join clubs and get out and have fun with other kids. I know for sure that my parents would not let me sit around doing nothing or watching TV all day. We had to get up and do something constructive. My dad always took us out to the field to work with him if we had a day off, that way we were out in nature while helping our parents too.

Teach them meditation

I know 3, 4, and 5-year-old children who meditate twice a day, every day. They do it on their own and have made it a part of their daily routine. It was not easy but their parents were people who practiced meditation and they taught and influenced their children.  Meditation calms the mind so they have less interest in gaming and the internet.

Get them involved in helping others

It’s never too early to have a child or young adult learn to help others. Have them work in a soup kitchen or a community garden, or have them help out in church, or go with them and volunteer at the home for the elderly.

Start them on their spiritual path

It’s never too early to teach them some of the values of your spiritual path. This is very important and will help them all their life. When they are faced with difficult choices, they will come back to what they have learned from their spiritual practice and it will save them from harm and lots of sadness.


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