The Top 7 Healing Effects Of Chanting Om On Your Body And Mind…

The Top 7 Healing Effects Of Chanting Om On Your Body And Mind


In Hindu mythology, before the world began, Brahma (the creator or absolute reality) was one, and He said, “I am one, but may I become many?” This thought created a vibration that settled into a sound. This sound was Om. From this vibration, everything in the universe sprang into existence.

When you chant Om, the vibration from that sound correlates to the original vibrations that were sounded in the universe when the world was created. The sound of Om is often called Pranava, or that which runs through breath (Prana) and sustains life. Om is also a representation of the four states of the Supreme Being.

The word AUM itself has a significant meaning, where A stands for tamas or ignorance, U stands for rajas or passion and M stands for sattva or purity.

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Gets Rid Of Stress While Calming You

Stress is one of the silent killers of our time. It’s a condition of the mind where we perpetually live in the past or the future, without regard for what’s in the present. Chanting Om regularly uplifts the mind to the point where stress doesn’t affect us as much. You become more resilient and develop the ability to handle criticism and praise with an equanimity of mind.

Builds Self-Control Within You

When the mind becomes calmer, you’re able to identify mood swings as something apart of your true self. Of course, that doesn’t mean you won’t have bad days, but it does bring more awareness to how you react in certain situations. It allows you to handle the roller coaster of life.

Erases Negativity From Your Life

One of the greatest things about chanting Om is it allows us to let go of trivial issues going on in our life. Insecurities, doubt, and negative thoughts in general tend to wash away when this chant is performed regularly. This is because Om leaves no room for negativity; it is the sound of creation itself.

Cleanses And Rejuvenates You From Within

By nullifying stress and mental chatter, our body begins to function at a higher level. This means the body detoxifies quicker and easier. Without as many toxins (such as cortisol) the body begins to feel lighter and more rejuvenated, creating a much more profound sense of health.

Gives You Restful Sleep

Believe it or not, relaxation techniques such as meditation and chanting have been scientifically proven to calm the body and mind. When the mind is calm, sleep is much more restful. This, in turn, increases the quality of your whole day.

Improves Your Focus And Concentration

Mental chatter can be very distracting. Chanting Om develops a calm, focused mind that naturally leads to more productivity.

Improves Your Overall Vitality

There are many diseases that are directly impacted by stress and negative thinking: IBS, diabetes, depression, heart disease, etc. are all intimately related to the mind. If you meditate daily, you’ll notice it has a subtle impact on your health.


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