The Healing Benefits Of Energy Work From Shamans…

The Healing Benefits Of Energy Work From Shamans

Illuminations, extractions, soul retrieval work, and destiny retrievals are the key shamanic processes in energy medicine work. Among other things, these energy healing sessions, performed by shamans or energy medicine practitioners, work to clear and combust the negative energies adhering to the chakra walls—those vortices of energy laying two to three inches above the physical body.

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What are Shamans?

Shamans are medicine women and men from Paleolithic times. Originally, shamans were the doctors, priests, storytellers, mystics, wisdom keepers, healers and the like—all wrapped into one. Shamans of the old (and now modern shamans, too) have direct experience with nature and the invisible force fields of energy around them at all times. They served as the mediators, between the visible and invisible worlds.

They say that shamans live on the equal sign of Albert Einstein’s equation, E=MC², with one foot in the world of energy, and one foot in the world of matter.  Dancing amongst these realms, collecting information from the Spirit world and bringing it back to help and assist their clients through healing and transformation.

Today, there is a new lineage of shamans—modern shamans—emerging in the West, ones who have learned from the shamans of the old in the high Andes, and who are bringing this medicine down from the apus, the mountains, and back into modern day culture and our present times.  In this respect, we as shamans, are walking alongside individuals on their Journeys, helping to facilitate healing in any way that we can, and holding a vision for all—both individually and for the collective highest and best for all—working as the conscious co-creators and co-creatresses we are to dream the new world into Being.


And so as shamans performing healing, the key process in the space of energy medicine is the illumination. Illuminations involve clearing and combusting the negative energies adhering to the chakra walls.

According to Alberto Villoldo, Ph.D., founder of the Four Winds Society—proclaimed as the world’s most renowned school of energy medicine—the illumination process seeks to do a few core things. He explains:  “The Illumination Process achieves healing in three main ways. First, it burns up the sludge and deposits adhering to the walls of the chakras. This promotes longevity and strengthens immune response.” Second, he continues, “it scours clean the imprints in the Luminous Energy Field,” or the LEF, that torus, egg-shaped like an invisible field of energy surrounding the physical body shamans are trained to see with the naked eye. Further, he elucidates, “The Illumination Process brings about healing at the Source, at the blueprint level of our being. When these imprints are erased, one can readily change negative emotions and behaviors.  The power of the immune system is unleashed, and physical healing is accelerated.”

In this regard, when we work at the level of the blueprint, we can make lasting changes in transformation and healing.

Picture this:  when millions of iron filings stick to a magnet. The magnet, here, can be likened to the Luminous Energy Field that surrounds each and every one of us, and is considered the “blueprint level.” And the chakra systems and physical body are like the iron filings that align with the magnet or blueprint level map. Today, in modern medicine in the West, the problem is that we seem to focus merely on fixing the symptoms or moving around the iron filings from one place to another. Rather than making changes to the underlying blueprint, below.  Implementing lasting, transformational results in healing.

As Albert Einstein said, “the problem cannot be solved at the same level of consciousness that created it.” In this way, energy medicine can resolve, sometimes only in a single session, what can take years to accomplish in psychotherapy or traditional talk therapy. For those who are new to the energy medicine space, it’s encouraged to keep an open-mind and tune in to your intuition about what’s best for your individual mind/body/spirit complex. Nevertheless, the benefits of energy medicine are pervasive.

In short, here are some of the many, many healing benefits an individual can experience through sessions with modern shamans:

  • Clear and combust negative energies adhering to the chakra walls
  • Balance, illuminate, and harmonize your chakras, subtle energy bodies, and Luminous Energy Field (or LEF)
  • Heal the biological and karmic imprints of your family of origin that propel you to a pre-ordained fate
  • Begin to clear the emotional legacy inherited from your ancestors and from your own former (parallel) lifetimes
  • Relieve yourself from being afflicted by the genetics and life dramas that once consumed your family
  • Help your ancestors find peace, so you do not have to re-live or re-experience their lives and diseases
  • Release toxic energies (or entities) from the Luminous Energy Field
  • Remove intrusive energies from subtle energy bodies which create illness in the body, confuse your emotions and fragment your soul
  • Recover lost soul parts that fled as a result of pain, suffering or traumas
  • Chart new energetic maps and anchor in a higher destiny, allowing you to fully step into your becoming
  • Learn how to manifest anything and everything you want and begin dreaming your world into Being

All in all, shamanic energy medicine can upgrade the brain, heal the body, and recover the soul. Allowing you to live a life of expansiveness, inner peace, and vitality—achieving growth, transformation, and change—and stepping into your inner wisdom, personal power, and freedom once and for all.


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