How To Heal Others Through The Seven Laws Of Reality…

How To Heal Others Through The Seven Laws Of Reality

“Beware of this fatal error in spiritual healing. You do not heal – the Spirit does.” William Walker Atkinson

The best and foremost way to help others is to see them as they really are, reflections of Pure Being, Mind or God, just like oneself, knowing that reflections always manifest the same attributes and qualities as their source, all beings are in fact now and always the totality of Pure Being.

Knowing this, if you wish to help someone dear or wish to develop an attitude of compassion, train in seeing others as already possessing the attributes and qualities of Pure Being, in other words, see them as already possessing Wisdom, health, prosperity, intelligence, courage, love, and compassion. The training consists not seeing sentient beings as they seem to be manifesting superficially and temporarily due to their ego -personality because of not knowing the Truth of Reality, but to see them as they really are in their fundamental nature, embodying the qualities of Pure Being such as Wisdom, love, compassion, health, prosperity, intelligence, accomplishment, fulfillment and fearlessness.

You are not inventing a new harmonious ‘reality’ as a kind of fantasy. You are just trying to see things as they really are, the intrinsic harmony within and between all phenomena.

The Buddha said in the Prajnaparamita Sutra: “Not just Enlightened Beings but all the structures of relativity are dwellers in the boundlessness which constitutes the all-embracing love, selfless compassion, sympathetic joy and blissful equanimity.”

Pure perception is never something that happens in the future, but an actuality of the ever-present here and now of Reality. 

Therefore if you wish to help someone who is suffering an illness, the best would be to see him or her as healthy; in case of poverty see abundance and prosperity; instead of frustration and loneliness see accomplishment, fulfillment and love, basically try to see the Truth hidden behind the veil of temporary adventitious circumstances. If this is too difficult at first, the best is to create a mental image of the person you are trying to help to possess these perfect qualities, knowing that the visualized image is a ‘facsimile’ of the Truth and attributes of Pure Being.

Of course, this does not mean that one should become uncaring in or cold-hearted, thinking that everyone is already perfect so why bother to do anything for others. On the contrary, one should carry out all possible helping activities concretely for the benefit of others respecting the Law of Cause and Effect, while, at the same time without contradiction, having the awareness of the perfection of all sentient beings as illusory reflections of Pure Being. One should always remember that no matter what the difficulty is, no matter where it is, no matter who is affected, there is no ‘patient’ but oneself, or one’s mind, therefore, one has to convince only oneself of the Truth which one desires to see manifested in another.

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The Seven Principles of Reality

The Hermetic tradition, in particular, speaks of seven Hermetic Principles, or Laws or Principles which govern Reality and Being. These are unchangeable laws like the physical law of gravity, but unlike the law of gravity, they apply to all the different levels of Reality, (mind, energy and physical level). The seven Hermetic Laws of Reality are not exclusive of each other, in the same way as the law of gravity is not exclusive of the law of lift on the physical plane. But they work in synergy to shape the minds and phenomena of infinite sentient beings and their environments.

In practical terms, we can use any law of nature, but we cannot alter it. For example, we can use the law of gravity and the law of lift and fly through the sky on a big airplane, but if we jumped off a cliff, gravity would pull us down and we would injure ourselves and die. Therefore we can understand that by opposing any natural law we place ourselves in an inverted position with regard to the law itself, and therefore, it appears as though the law itself is working against us with a definite purpose, wherein real sense this inversion is entirely caused by ourselves, by our ignorance of the law and not from any change in the action of the law.  

This is the reason why in theistic religions one often finds the concept of God’s punishment, where the real meaning behind it is only one’s ignorance and the subsequent inverted position in regards to these unchangeable laws of Reality. On the other hand, if one has knowledge of these laws, one can use them to one’s own advantage by using skillful methods.

The seven Hermetic Laws or Principles which govern Reality are:

  1. The Principle of Mind (All is Mind)
  2. The Principle of Cause and Effect
  3. The Principle of Vibration or Sound
  4. The Principle of Correspondence
  5. The Principle of Polarity or Opposites
  6. The Principle of Rhythm or Cyclicity
  7. The Principle of Gender

The first Principle of Mind could be said to represent ‘the absolute’ aspect of Reality transcendent and immanent at the same time. The other six principles represent the way in which this Mind Principle manifests as ‘the relative’, although in actual fact both the absolute and the relative are indivisible as non-dual Reality itself.


Before you start a self-healing session, start by telling your mind what you expect it to do for you. Insist upon it to take hold of the physical body and restore its subtle energy. Then lay flat on the floor or bed, completely relaxed, with hands resting lightly over the solar plexus and breathe rhythmically in a relaxed and effortless manner.

When the rhythm is fully established, each inhalation will draw in an increased supply of vital energy from the primordial wisdom space supply, which will be taken up by the nervous system and stored in the solar plexus. At each exhalation the vital energy is being distributed all over the body, to every organ, to every muscle and every cell from the top of your head to the soles of your feet, invigorating, strengthening and stimulating every part of your mind/body complex.

While doing this try to form a mental picture of vital energy rushing in, coming in through the lungs and being taken up at once by the solar plexus, then with the exhaling, being sent to all parts of the system, down to the fingertips and down to the toes. Another method for general self-healing is lying in a relaxed way, breathe in and out rhythmically, and command that a good supply of vital energy may be inhaled during each inhalation. With each exhalation, send the universal vital energy to the affected part for the purpose of stimulating it, varying this occasionally by exhaling with the mental command that the diseased condition may be forced to dissolve and disappear.  

You can use the hands by passing them down the body from the head to the affected part.  In using the hands in healing yourself or others, always hold the mental image that the universal vital energy is flowing down the arm and through the finger tips into the body, thus reaching the affected part and healing it.

If you feel that your vital energy is low or you feel exhausted the best thing is to place the feet close and lock the fingers of both hands above your head in any way that seems the most comfortable, then breathe rhythmically always in a relaxed manner a few times, and you will feel the effect of recharging.

Healing at Distance

There is no better way to help others than to bring them to the knowledge of themselves and there is no better way to bring them to the knowledge of themselves than to lead them to the knowledge of their God’s nature. On a more relative level, if you want to become a healing channel for the inflow of the spiritual healing energy, you should fix the mind on the thought that you are now a ‘spiritual channel’ through which Mind or Pure Being healing energy flows, and continue to mentally see or feel the inflow and outpouring of spiritual energy during the entire treatment.

You must always remember that no matter what the difficulty is, no matter where it is, no matter who is affected, you have no patient but yourself; you have nothing to do but to convince yourself of the truth which you desire to see manifested. Since nearly all forms of healing create a new mental atmosphere and conditions in the patient, the first thing to do is to replace fear with confidence and the physical results will follow.

See the person you want to heal in your ‘mind’s eye’ as you wish them to be. Then by clear visualization, the transmission of healing energy is accomplished by a mere act of desire or will, in other words, by thinking of it as occurring in that moment. Directing intention toward a distant person is correlated with activation of that person’s autonomic nervous system. Strong motivation to heal and training on how to cultivate and direct compassionate intention may further enhance this effect.

On a practical level to treat people at a distance, you must form a mental image of them until you can feel yourself to be in close relationship with them. You can feel the sense of relationship when it is established as it will manifest a sense of closeness.  When the relationship is established, you mentally say to the distant patient, the following words: ‘I am sending you a supply of vital energy, which will heal you’.

Then you can imagine the vital force as leaving your mind with each exhalation of rhythmic breathing, and traveling across ‘spaceless and timeless intelligent space’ instantaneously and reaching the person to be healed. This energetic healing stream directed by the thought of the sender may be projected to any person at a distance, as long as they are willing to receive it.


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