3 Techniques To Harness Intuition With Qigong…

3 Techniques To Harness Intuition With Qigong

Everyone has the capacity to be an empath, and one of the best ways to access your intuitive abilities is with Qigong.

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The basics

You listen to everything around you, even silence. You pay attention to your breath and you come back to your center.

You need to be noticeably quiet. Go inward with each breath. Ask your body what it needs today. This dialogue is about love, not judgement. Settle your body and your feet on the ground.

Your feet contain the essence of life in one single acupuncture point called Kidney 1, located in the middle of the ball of the foot. Focus on that point on each foot as your guide. From that point feel energy rising through your legs into your body. Now harness that energy and bring it first to your heart, which is considered your second mind. From there send it to any part of your body that is in pain or is struggling. And most importantly pay attention to your breath.

Accessing the dantian energy

The following is a simple sequence that you can do to become one with your body and the energetic world around you. This practice will have calming and healing qualities and will bring about peace of mind, even during challenging times. It also allows you to have a better understanding and appreciation for nature.

Qigong has been practiced for thousands of years and means “energy work.” There are hundreds of qigong exercises. The purpose of these techniques is to purify, strengthen, and circulate your body’s life force energy called Qi for health, longevity, and spiritual clarity.

Qigong alternates between yin and yang energies and allows your organs to work in harmony. Yin energy comes upwards from the earth. It is moist and cooling. Yang energy comes down from the sun and sky. It is warm and invigorating. Earth has the perfect balance of yin and yang energies.

It also uses energy centers called dantians. There is the lower dantian below the belly button, the middle dantian at the heart, and the upper dantian at the third eye. The lower dantian strengthens the physical body and provides a reservoir of Qi energy for health. The middle dantian opens the heart to spiritual experiences. The upper dantian strengthens the mind and allows you to access your intuition. Working with the dantians together you can increase spiritual clarity, body wisdom, and ultimate wellbeing.

Qigong breathing technique

  • Start off in a standing position, preferably near a wall for support. Close your eyes and feel your breath. Feel your spine elongate with each breath. Get accustomed to the quiet and tap into your five senses.
  • With your eyes closed, let your mind’s eye visualize whatever occurs. What comes up? What do you notice? Become aware of a star high in the sky which represents your higher self and connection to the universe.
  • Now notice your nose as it takes in your breath and filters the air. Take long slow deep breaths in and out.
  • With your eyes still closed, notice the sounds around you. If your window is open, do you hear birds? Do you hear people moving around? Don’t judge, just notice, and then come back to your breath.
  • Feel what your body is saying. Feel warmth or coolness on your skin. Skin is our largest organ and can pick up a lot of information. Skin health is connected to lung health. When lungs are healthy, skin can be radiant and vibrant.
  • Lungs are the seat of emotions. If you are feeling sad or overwhelmed, it is best to connect with your lungs. Take long slow inhales and exhales, feeling your lungs fill with air and then expanding and contracting with each breath.
  • In your mind’s eye envision a tree, share oxygen with the tree. Have an equal exchange with the tree. Talk to your imaginary tree. Notice its root system and connection to the earth. The more you can connect to trees and nature the easier it becomes to access your intuition.
  • Cross your hands over the front of your chest. Right below the clavicle is the acupuncture point Lung 2, located in the soft valley. Place your fingers into this area on both sides and slowly and gently massage, sending joy and love to your lungs. This will help you to release any grief that is trapped there.
  • Now take the crisscrossed hands and cover the entire lung and heart area and embrace yourself in a hug. Feel into your entire being and into your lungs and heart. Breathe, smile, and sigh. This releases any tension that is stuck there.
  • Locate your sternum which is the long flat bone located between your rib cages. Behind the sternum is your thymus gland which is responsible for immunity cells. It helps the lungs, heart, and other organs to function properly.
  • Place both hands on top of each other on your sternum and rotate and massage gently. Feel into whatever comes up. Your sternum can hold a lot of grief because of its location near the heart and lungs. Tears may come, let them. This is another release.
  • Next, we go to the kidneys located below the rib cage on your back. Find the valley and gently rub and massage while gently moving your hips. Kidneys love heat!
  • Cross your hands again over your belly button and move out from there. Gently massage in a circular motion. The circles can grow bigger as you do this exercise. But most importantly breathe as you calmly massage your intestines.
  • Now, straighten and extend your arms out as if you have wings. Gently push away with your hand from your body. As you do this envision all the colors of the rainbow surrounding your body and breath and sigh. This movement is called “Phoenix Rising.” It allows you to stand in your power and set healthy boundaries.

Qigong inspires you to be courageous and bold while balancing your mind, body, and spirit.


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