How To Ground, Protect, And Cleanse Your Energy…

How To Ground, Protect, And Cleanse Your Energy

She asked, “What in the actual f*%&?!” One of my girlfriends has been through more “challenging” experiences than I can even imagine. She means business this lifetime. She is taking on ALL THE CONTRAST! After the most recent…contrast, she shared on messenger, “It just sucked the life out of me.”

My response: “Sometimes when I clear dark energy, I am wiped for three days. Be sure you are meditating daily to bring your power and energy back. I am also conscious when I go to bed at night to connect to the Divine and bring in the light.”

Her response that next day: “I released so much sh*% last night, I could actually feel it pouring out of me.” (She is a powerful intuitive force.)

Because I’ve been doing energy work for so long, I sometimes forget what I habitually do to clear and protect my energy. I was used to sharing the basic techniques that I have taught for years because they had worked. In the past, I was able to get away with allowing never-ending Divine Energy to flow through me as a way to keep my personal energy, and I never felt too terribly tired. Occasionally, I would have to filter or shield my energy if it got to be a bit much, and maybe add a simple cleanse after a heavy encounter. And that’s what I have been sharing.

However, I have found that within the past few years, it has gotten a bit more intense. I now must consciously ground myself every day and do conscious cleansings, among other things. I learned that when I clear “the heavy stuff” I must consciously connect to the Divine before bed and allow the light to flow through me, clearing my vessel. I added this technique to my nightly routine and it has become second-nature.

After she shared her experience, I thought, I’m a horrible friend. I probably should have shared this technique a year ago! I am being reminded that the things that I do habitually could probably be pretty damn beneficial to a lot of you. I apologize for not sharing this sooner with you! I do not like to live in fear or worry. However, being proactive and conscious just makes sense. Everything is energy, from the food that we eat, to the bed that we lay in. DO NOT get caught up in worrying too much about bad or good energy (we tend to label our experiences to better understand them, but this may pull our energy further away from us, and fear of “bad” just feeds fear!) I have found it easier to view it as a frequency; everything vibrates at different frequencies and we want to do our best to not take on frequencies that do not feel good to us.

But how?

We can do this by grounding, protecting and cleansing our energy.

I want to remind you to do these three processes, nightly if possible, and you will experience a huge shift in your energy and ability to shine. I am always about ease and intention, so I will share a few techniques that I practice nightly and also that I enjoy! This may appear to be quite a bit to start out if you are not already doing techniques of your own, but after a while it will become second nature.

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1. Visually see the light energy of you coming down from your root chakra or tailbone and wrapping around the center of the earth. Set the intention to anchor your energy.

2. Optional add on: Set the intention to see and feel Earth Energy coming up through your light energy and providing grounding support. Then see/feel Source Energy coming into your light energy through the top of your head and intermingling with the Earth Energy. Allow yourself to feel aligned within your body, connected to all.


1. See and feel never-ending Source Energy coming in through the top of your head and out your energy centers as needed so that no one is pulling YOUR energy, but they are benefiting from the “Light that is YOU.” This can be fun. Your energy will be missed when you are not around.

2. Optional add on: This specific technique came to me this month in a session. See yourself as millions of beautiful golden sparkles and if your energy feels pulled, visually see/feel these sparkles effortlessly connect and mirror back to the person/event pulling your energy.


1. See and feel the power of YOUR LIGHT (this can come from your root, your heart, or wherever it resonates with you) getting bigger and bigger. As it gets bigger, know that the lower frequencies dissipate in YOUR LIGHT.

2. When in bed, see and feel Source Energy flowing throughout your entire body as you allow the energy that does not serve you being released out of your extremities. Allow this process to continue while you sleep.

Try these, and try them again, add and adjust as you need, but build them into your nightly routine. Doing this has ensured that I am living at the frequency that I want and not being pulled into lower states.

Keep those vibrations sky high, and be the damn light! 


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