Going From Lightworker To Soulpreneur…

Going From Lightworker To Soulpreneur

I’ve been on a journey, perhaps like you, where my healing work grew into my work. I went from Lightworker to Soulpreneur.

Can you be both? Well, yes and no.

At some point when your soul work becomes your soulful business, you must step across a threshold into a new mindset about who you are and what you have to say. You ground your ideas and you shift into more responsibility with your work; something – within you and it – transforms, making you and your work all the more empowered. The business that you build becomes the channel not only for your work to happen but for your own growth. To stay in the flow with this ever-evolving nature of your work, you must continually be evolving and stepping into more responsibility with your work.. and yourself.

And the relationship you cultivate with your business – not just the physical business but the vibrational blueprint it holds – offers you the means to spread your light. When you truly say yes to you, the Soulpreneur, you say yes to all that.

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Your soul work is a journey

The path I’ve walked has taken me from intuitive to bodyworker to spiritual coach to mentor to those needing both clarity and healing to fully embrace and do their work in the world. It’s also taken me from Lightworker to Soulpreneur. Starting out, I simply did what came naturally to me: healing work. Never did I imagine that I had something to say through my work, something my soul needed to express through my work. When clients came, I reached into my energetic bag of goodies and held them through a transformation. And don’t get me wrong, that’s a beautiful thing to be a part of.

But then there came that magical day where in order for me to grow, my business had to evolve. Really, there was no other option because my soul work was linked to my physical work in this life. I had something to do here.

The one thing

There was one thing that changed everything for me; one big thing that transformed the struggle and the confusion I felt around my work. It was what created the biggest impact for me to then do what felt more aligned with who I was, who I was growing into

I found my voice and allowed what I had to say be the anchor to my work. 

I found what I had to say, beyond my modality, beyond vague energy speak and big, sweeping healing concepts. I put a stake in the sand and claimed what mattered to me about what I was doing. I got clear on the problem I kept seeing out there in the world that I wanted to change. In theory that sounds simple. It wasn’t. It isn’t for the folks I work with either. That “what matters” thing that we all have is buried under all kinds of fear and doubt. Showing up to your work through your ideas versus your skills is scary. It’s much easier to talk about big, broad ideas around healing and energy than to funnel it down to one idea you hold above all others.

But if you’re looking to create that shift into soulpreneur – if your soul is saying it is time to evolve through what you do – this is the shift you must make:

You must find your voice and let your work support you to create an impact around that.

The three other things

When I ask clients of mine what matters to them, they often go into big ideas about what they know about energy or the physical body. It might come out in the form of the benefits of their work. But then I ask again, what matters to them? There is something that you care about in this life – something you want to fix or change or educate people on or create an impact around; something that you have an opinion about that you must say through what you do.

First and foremost you must identify that. Until you do, you’re just doing sessions or teaching classes. You’re not speaking to what your soul needs to express through your work.

The other thing is, most of us lightworker, energy-aware types feel as though there’s not a lot of room for our voice out there. So there’s the work of healing that. Sometimes we hold cutting-edge ideas that feel scary to express because we fear the backlash of resistance from those around us. Or, we’ve grown up having lived in the shadow, for self-preservation, and it seems there is no room for our ideas.

We stop believing we even have a “what matters.”

The work then, is we uncover; we uncover what you believe. We uncover what holds you back from your voice so your work can thrive. So the channel you must create to step into you doing your thing in this world can flow.

And the other, other thing is, there is something very remarkable that happens energetically when you claim your work as a business.

When you find your voice and you define your work around how you chose to make an impact, your business comes alive in a new way. You make it energetically real.

Really, you set into motion a vibrational blueprint that is tied into your “what matters.” You spark the devic aspect of your business… the vibrational mirror to your physical business here on this plane.

Your voice, your clarity, and your new-found sense of direction set this vibrational aspect of your business into action which is an ever-evolving container in which you can connect with as a guide for your work. But it’s bigger than even that. That clarity, that voice – that yes – transforms you. You evolve. You all of a sudden have the energetic capacity to work with this vibrational aspect of your work in ways that will ever amaze you.

But, until you find that spark within you where you say yes to what you are doing, it’s as though you, and your business, are too dispersed. Your ideas about what you do and where you can make an impact haven’t fully formed, so the energy that’s needed to evolve into what’s next sits and waits. Finding your voice and your “what matters” with your work is the thing that will matter the most if you want to take your work to the next level.

So, what do you really have to say about what you do? What matters?


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