Channeling Your Inner Goddess…

Channeling Your Inner Goddess

The goddess Pele (pronounced peh-leh or pay-lay) best known on the beautiful island of Hilo, Hawaii, is the goddess of passion, sensuality, and wildness. She represents the lower chakra energies (i.e. root and sacral) and she is both feared and revered by the Hawaiian people. To me, Pele represents pure feminine and primal mystery as she is both creator and destroyer. Her poetic name is Ka wahine ‘ai honus, or the woman who devours the land, and she shows us that fire can purify and make way for the new. Her passionate and sensual nature can inspire individuals to begin living a more authentic life and allow the stories that do not help to serve the highest spiritual growth to burn away.

Here are some ways the goddess Pele can help you live your best life:

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She can Help Heal Our Roots

Our root chakra extends from the bottom of the tailbone through the legs and down through the soles of the feet. It is suggested that a balanced root chakra relates to how safe we feel in the world. Whether we feel supported on our journey and path in life and the stories we carry from this lifetime and perhaps other lifetimes. A healthy root chakra would feel very grounding. When things get challenging, you are able to meet it and work through it; whereas an imbalance could result in someone who wants to run away from the problem. That could be a physical move or perhaps mentally escaping. Calling in Pele energy can help to heal your root chakra by either empowering you to stay firmly rooted in your truth or she might shed a metaphorical light upon the places that need healing; or simply singe away all the unhealthy aspects with her fiery lava. Stay mindful. Sometimes healing the root chakra can feel painful as we let go of attachments and stories we have used to define ourselves.

She Can Inspire Passion and Creativity

Our sacral chakra, which is located between the hipbones is our center for creativity. A balanced sacral chakra might look like someone who is in touch with creative expression in their lives. This can be through various mediums; such as dance, writing, painting, drawing, pottery, knitting, etc. When there is an imbalance in this chakra, it can manifest as addiction and disconnect from the things that drive us, as well as physical ailments in the reproductive organs. Because Pele is the goddess of dance, she can help inspire your creative side. Calling on Pele energy for help in getting in touch with this aspect of yourself can assist you in getting reacquainted with your sensual nature. It can inspire you to move your way into creative expression and entice your senses, thus bringing you into a life with more depth and variety.

Ways to Invoke Pele

Some ways to connect with Pele energy are through the use of crystals and gemstones to include lava stone and obsidian as well as the elemental energy of fire. You can give your full attention to the areas that need the most healing and she will bring her energy to those places as she is symbolic for the shamanic word Makia. Energy flows where the attention goes. Always come to her with a willingness to feel on a deep level in order to manifest your heart’s desire. She will help you, but I warn you that it may not look like help from the ego’s perspective right away. I have found that destruction by fire often takes the form of a phoenix rising. It can be hard to see the beauty until it arises from the ashes.

For me, Tutu Pele has had a tremendous effect on my life. I have learned a great deal about my own humanity and humility from her as well as what fuels me. She has helped and continues to help “burn away” all that no longer serves and I feel honored to share her beauty with you.


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