I Gave Reiki To My Dog As He Passed Away…

I Gave Reiki To My Dog As He Passed Away

Moonie was a chill and social dog, bringing joy to many people. His favorite past-time was sniffing out nice people and sitting at their feet. But he started showing signs of aging when he hit 13. He became incontinent, did not respond to his name and wandered confusedly. We feared that he was nearing the end, and I started doing Reiki on him for healing.

He perked right up!

No longer was he confused or incontinent.  Although he was now elderly and afflicted with issues like Vestibulitis and overall twitching, Reiki helped to provide him with comfort and resilience. Giving him reiki was synonymous with giving him love, and he enjoyed it very much. After several months of Reiki, Moonie became incontinent again, and he could not walk very far without falling over. After a couple of weeks, he was unable to walk and refused to eat and drink. We sensed that his time was near, so we made an appointment with the vet to have him euthanized.

A couple of hours before the appointment, Moonie sat at my feet in the car as I gave him Reiki. I held a lapis lazuli stone in my hand, useful for aiding in the transition into death. He had a big smile on his face. Although he was breathing heavily, he seemed very much at peace. As I gave him Reiki, he became very calm. At one point, I suddenly became overwhelmed with emotion. I felt as if Moonie was communicating with me through the Reiki:

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I love you. I believe in you. I have been with you through tough times, and I’ve seen you grow.

I remembered back in May 2012, when I was in a psychiatric hospital overcoming an episode of schizophrenia. When discharged, I could not return home due to it being a stressful environment.  Another patient at the hospital allowed me to stay at their home until I found housing.  Moonie joined me.  I would take him on leisurely walks. I was not working, so life was slow.

I was there with you when you lived in that apartment.

So Moonie told me through the Reiki. I tried to get subsidized housing by going into a homeless shelter. I registered Moonie as a service dog, and we stayed at a women’s shelter in the South Bronx. It was a rough situation, but he brought such joy to everyone there. I always traveled with him at my side, and I took him on buses and subways.

I was with you when you were in the shelter.

My mother then got me an apartment of my own. My mind became hectic again because I went off of my medications cold turkey. Believing I was the reincarnation of Beethoven, I consulted crystals and tarot cards for hours trying to determine my fate and my importance in this world. Inanimate spoke to me with personal messages. I also borderline-stalked a certain male, convinced he was Beethoven’s “Immortal Beloved,” my eternal soulmate.

I was there with you, when you were very sick.

This relapse of psychosis landed me in the hospital for three months. While I was gone, my mother took Moonie to her job at a local community center. He socialized with many clients there, becoming a beloved mascot.

I was there with your mother, bringing joy to many people.

These thoughts occurred to me as the Reiki flowed. I was moved to tears at this recollection, and I remembered that I had not been nice to him at times, finding him annoying and expensive with his medical needs in old age. In my heart, I apologized to Moonie, and that I was thankful for him. During this exchange, his breathing slowed and became shallow then very still. Underneath my hand, I felt it the second he passed on. Then I experienced him standing next to me in my heart. His spirit shined, and he was no longer sick and old. He was beautiful and in his prime again, tongue hanging out happily with his goofy smile.

I’m okay. I’m going to a beautiful place. I believe in you. Thank you.

I kept petting his body, giving it Reiki as his soul communicated with mine.  My mother and I spent an hour with him in the car, and then we took him to the vet. I picked him up and put him in our doggie stroller, and he looked peaceful and happy as if merely sleeping. We remarked that it was wonderful for him to have passed peacefully with family, instead of being euthanized.

As I reflect on Moonie’s passing, I go between feelings of sadness and also surprising happiness. I am at peace because he had a comfortable death. It was profound, how he communicated a final message before passing on. Reiki gave him the opportunity to communicate with me, and also offered a sense of closure. My words of advice: cherish your pet. Know that they love you with a fierceness that humans sometimes cannot comprehend. Be kind to them. Speak to them through your heart, for they listen. Compassion and empathy are not only human concepts but are also understood by animals.

Reiki and crystals help me specifically in forging this connection. I encourage you to discover your own ways to connect with the animals around you.


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