5 Foods That Block Your Psychic Abilities…

5 Foods That Block Your Psychic Abilities

Everyone has psychic abilities, but you can't experience their life-transforming effects without making some changes to your everyday life.

When we first learn to do something new, we tend to focus only on the ‘doing’. All things take some practice and tapping into and using your intuition or psychic abilities is no different. So if you’re like me and spend a ton of time learning how to better connect to the spirit world and your guides and angels, you might forget to think about what not to do. Or better yet, what not to eat or drink.

Just like everything in the Universe, it has energy. Positive and negative energies exist in every single thing on this planet and beyond. Not only is there energy in the actual product, but there is an energy that manifests from it once it is consumed. Much the same as being around someone at the office that is in a bad mood, that energy rubs off on everyone around them. Especially empaths and those of us that are sensitive to energy to begin with.

So here we go with the mighty list.

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I know, I know…most of us are “conditioned” to drink alcohol and associate it with being sociable. You’re probably thinking, “if I can’t drink, then I won’t have any friends”. Trust me, if your friends are true friends they will support any decision you make that is best for you. Not only does alcohol have a low vibration, but it will open you energetically to negative energies that can hang around and keep you down for extended periods of time. Not only will your psychic abilities be virtually non-existent while drinking, but the next day or two will be almost lost while you recover.


Poor old sugar keeps getting a bad rap – and rightly so! Sugar – specifically refined sugar, has been shown to cause an entire host of physical ailments, from diabetes to cancer. It also calcifies the pineal gland, which has been referred to as the master gland of spirituality, seat of the soul, spiritual antennae or 3rd eye. A healthy pineal gland is crucial to spiritual vibration and accessing higher levels of consciousness and connecting with Spirit. Also, beware of sugar substitutes and chemically altered sweeteners. Trust in the bees and use honey.


Caffeine is technically a psychoactive drug that has escaped health regulations and the FDA because a few major soda companies back in the day added it into their fizzy drinks and was “grandfathered” in as a food instead of a drug. We believe that caffeine provides energy but what it does is give us “false” energy. It squeezes a bit of energy out of the adrenal glands and you may feel a short spike of alertness but what has really happened is you have taxed your adrenal system and increases stress hormones. Trying to meditate and connect with spirit with caffeine in your system is like trying to herd cats. It’s also negative pranic energy.

Cheese and dairy

OMG I used to love cheese, but as I started to raise my vibration and connect with Spirit, I found out the hard way that Spirit would prefer I didn’t eat it anymore. I can get away with a bit of goat cheese and a few shavings of parmesan. Honestly, I don’t really miss it anymore, I feel lighter and my access to the Spirit World has increased. Too much cheese and dairy can clog up your psychic senses making things very murky and unclear. Receiving clear messages is near impossible in this state.

Too much meat

Just breathe….notice I said, “too much”. You will find as you raise your vibration and communicate with Spirit that you will “organically” start to change your diet and the foods that you once ate with vigor will no longer appeal to you in the same way. This is actually your guides leading you to make choices that will help them to better help you. If you still want to eat meat, and I still do a few times a week then choose free-range organic and try to stay away from heavily marbled or fatty meat. Fish and chicken are a great choice as they are lean and a good source of protein.

I always bless and give gratitude to all of my food but I also “clear” it as I would a crystal of any fear or negative energy that it may have experienced during harvest. This goes for vegetables and plants as well. They are sentient and have sacrificed themselves for my well-being, for which I am always grateful.


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