Top Five Benefits Of Maintaining A Healthy Spirit…

Top Five Benefits Of Maintaining A Healthy Spirit

Having a strong, healthy spirit is central to living a good life. Your spirit can guide and protect you and help you find the beauty in the ordinary. Your spirit needs nurturing to grow. Nurturing and strengthening your spirit give you powerful benefits mentally, emotionally, and physically.

1) More Love, Less Anger

Nurturing the spirit helps to stop anger and make space in your life for love. Love comes in many forms, but it can’t take root in your life if anger is using up all the space. Nurturing your spirit by releasing anger makes room for the benefits of love.

Anger builds when you give your control to others. When you understand that control is yours and you alone control your thoughts and feelings, you can release that anger. Your spirit grows, looking for love instead of anger and hate. Being open to love and having a better life starts with losing anger.

2) Improved Self-Care

Once you recognize how important you are to yourself, your spirit begins to practice self-love. To be strong, your spirit needs you to love yourself. Instead of imperfections, your spirit sees you as a whole. You are the sum of many parts, light and dark, that all make you who you are.

Nurturing your spirit helps guide you to self-love and self-care.

Being someone, you love allows you to be kind to yourself. Negative thoughts about yourself are turned into acceptance of your whole person. You can give yourself permission to rest, say no, say yes, and to do whatever will continue to nurture your spirit. Your spirit grows and becomes stronger when you love and care for yourself.

3) Healthier Relationships

As you learn to be tender with yourself, your spirit makes room to be tender to others. Forgiveness begins with yourself and extends to others. Since you are whole and worthy of forgiveness, so are other people.

You’ve learned that you control only you, and they control only themselves. Your spirit forgives others because you know that everyone is on their own path and you cannot control their journey.

Instead, your spirit wants to help guide others. Your relationships grow deeper because anger is gone, love is available, your spirit is strong, and you can forgive. In practical terms, imagine someone says something to you that could cause you to be offended. A strong spirit allows you to control your reaction and not become angry.

You can show the other person compassion and forgiveness, guiding their spirit to understand the truth you’re living. Both of you can move past perceived faults to reach a better understanding and a stronger relationship.

When you nurture your spirit and practice self-care, you know what your spirit needs. You can express yourself better and ask for what is best for you. In your relationships, you become a full partner, not subject to the control of others.

Shared partnerships are healthier relationships for everyone. Anger, at yourself and others, is replaced with love because you have made room for love in your life.

4) Better Ability to Handle Stress

Nurturing your spirit with meditation teaches you a better way to manage stress. Stress harms the physical body by slowing healing, raising blood pressure, and causing heart attacks and strokes.

During meditation, you take the time to be physically still so you can spend time with your inner voice. Depending on the practice or form you use, you either wander in your thoughts, follow one specific thought pattern, or just relax to see what happens.

Regardless, the practice of meditation helps you to slow down so you can spend time with your thoughts. By its very nature, this particular practice helps you to better navigate your thought processes.

After that happens, you have the tools to release the stress and anxiety that comes from having a cluttered or overactive brain. Your emotions calm, and your spirit has room to stretch its legs.

5) Life Becomes More Meaningful

A calm, strong, spirit and body open your heart for a greater purpose. When you feel like you have a greater purpose you feel more in tune with the world and the people around you. You can better appreciate kindness, love, yourself, and your relationships with other people. Your interactions with others become more meaningful. Life is more open, and you have a better sense of how everything is connected.

Nurturing your spirit provides all these benefits and leads to a stronger connection with life itself.


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Hollie Zaretzke is a certified Inspired Spirit Coach and naturally gifted in holding space for others. Hollie is an intuitive…

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