How To Find The Right Spiritual Path…

How To Find The Right Spiritual Path

Seekers of spiritual truths tend to cycle through numerous beliefs and systems in the search for enlightenment to unlock the spirit within on the journey to their “spiritual” home. There are many variables at which to look when seeking the truth such as what resonates within, cultural influences, and personal preferences; however, the most important aspect is whether or not the teachings are viable.

Many pathways and sacred texts are available on becoming our best, uniting with the spirit, and opening the light in our heart. Taking the time to read sacred scriptures will give the seeker not only a deeper understanding of that particular discipline or pathway but will also allow the seeker to gather more information with which to make a heartfelt decision. While doing so, spend time in meditation and prayer as well as practicing the suggested teachings to find out if they indeed work or lead you to the desired outcome. This may last a few weeks, a few months, or even a few years, for spiritual development does not come quickly nor easily and it requires turning over every rock to find those nuggets that will stay with you in truth along your life’s journey.

Careful understanding is important because many spiritual teachings and pathways can be complicated and layered with centuries or even millennia of evolving texts as well as the opinions of those who have practiced that discipline. Sorting through the truth versus opinions can be time-consuming but you will come away with the knowledge of whether or not something is right for you rather than just following the crowd or taking a belief at face value.

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The Most Important Questions For a Spiritual Seeker

Some questions to ask in your spiritual search through varied beliefs and practices might be:

  • Are the teachings viable? If applied, will they work? Will they assist me on my spiritual path of development and union with the spirit within?
  • Are these teachings comfortable and heartfelt to me? Do they resonate within?
  • Will I be able to commit to, and to follow, these teachings or beliefs over the course of my lifetime?
  • Do I feel fulfilled through these teachings? Have I seen results with these teachings thus far?

All-in-all, our spiritual journey can be a long and winding road taking us through many belief systems, myths, cultures, and realms. It is up to us to find the truth where we may as we continue our spiritual journey to the union with All that Is. Be aware, be cautious and be open to wondrous experiences. Dip your toe in the water but if it does not feel right or the teachings do not seem viable, nor prove their self after an acceptable amount of time, move on and continue your search.

If however, a selected path feels right, offers change and gives you the desired outcome while connecting you to the spirit within, then you have found your greatest treasure on the seeker’s journey and it’s time to delve in and you will feel confident in knowing that you are now “spiritually” home.

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