5 Ways To Find And Follow Your Soul’s Dharma…

5 Ways To Find And Follow Your Soul’s Dharma

Dharma is a beautiful Sanskrit word with many layers of meaning. On the surface, it might mean your “rightful responsibility” in the world, or the “right direction” for your life, but the ancient yoga texts describe Dharma as an inner wisdom – the same cosmic wisdom that guides the universe also guides you.

So how to tune into that inner wisdom? In the modern world, we live in, we’re bombarded by noises, voices, 24/7 news channels, and constant contact with our cell phones, so it seems almost impossible to hear the still, small voice that’s always guiding us from within. However, when we do tune into the voice of our Dharma, we can step onto our true soul’s path to purpose!

Here are five ways to find and follow your soul’s Dharma.

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Sat: The Path of Being

Being at one with yourself, to be at ease with the present moment is the direct possible way to your Dharma. Our mind is always anxious about some uncertain future, or worrying about some regret in the past. And so we’re frantically trying to connect with other people who can ease our uncertainty – whether that might be on the phone with a friend, or scrolling through social media for inspiration.

Try this:

Shut off everything and walk away for a while. Take a long walk in nature for an hour, or a solitary retreat for a weekend. When we can make space to simply be, we invite the voice of our Dharma to speak louder.

Chit: The Path of Practice

The more we can practice staying present, the more we can connect with that cosmic wisdom within. But life gets in the way, other priorities take over, and we get lost on our path. The best way to stay connected with our inner wisdom is with practice. A regular practice helps us to keep reconnecting, to continue to nourish our energies and emotions, and more importantly, to evolve that connection with our Dharma to greater depths.

Try this:

Create a regular ritual to practice meditation, yoga, tai chi, walking the labyrinth, forest bathing, or any practice where you can allow yourself to dive deeper into your own inner wisdom.

Ananda: The Path of Joy

This is the easiest path to your purpose! Find what makes your soul come alive, and follow the bee-line to your purpose. Your soul speaks in emotions, so pay attention to them. Notice what makes you feel joyful, what brings you bliss, what makes your heart sing, and fill your day with those moments of joy.

Try this:

Carry a journal around with you for a week (more if you like), and start noticing and noting down the things that makes you smile with pure joy. Whether it’s traveling, or nature, or finding an aha moment in a book – write them all down, and eventually you’ll notice that they’re all threads to your soul’s purpose that you weave together.

Ritam: the Path of Synchronicity

Ritam translates to the rhythm of the universe, the cosmic order of things. So when you come across meaningful coincidences, take notice of them, because it might be a clue from the universe that you’re on the right track. When you’re aligned with your Dharma, your next steps simply show up in front of you.

Try this:

Think of synchronicities as clues on your path. The more you take notice of them, the more you can make meaning out of them.

Vairagya: The Path of Letting go

This last but not the least path is also the most essential one, and might also be the hardest one for some of us. When we don’t let go of things that are cluttering our lives, we’re literally and metaphorically weighed down by them. Holding onto what doesn’t serve our soul’s purpose only means that we’re holding ourselves back from stepping forward on our soul’s path.

Try this:

Make a conscious decision to let go of a thing, a belief, a behavior, or a person that’s not serving your soul’s purpose. Commit to doing this every day for a year, and you’ll notice a difference in how you open up space to invite in more of what your true purpose is. When we practice these 5 paths to purpose, we can connect with our inner Dharma in a most powerful way, and that, in turn, will allow us to serve the society in a conscious way. We all have access to this wisdom, and we all have a soul purpose to realize, so let’s learn how to recognize it and tune into it, so we can make this a conscious planet filled with Dharmic beings!

It is better to live your own Dharma imperfectly, than to live an imitation of somebody else’s life with perfection.” -Bhagavad Gita


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