Using Your Imagination To Deepen Your Energy Work…

Using Your Imagination To Deepen Your Energy Work

If you want to work with energy – for healing and personal change – then it’s important that you become comfortable working with your imagination and your creative process. Your imagination might not seem like the most trust-worthy of places to get answers when you’re feeling stuck in life. Most people question if anything their imagination tells them is real. But if you’re looking to your energy or your guides for insight, it’s your intuitive imagination that can often open the door to what you need. And it’s your creativity that will be your most empowering energetic tool, to get that information you seek.

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You are Built to Sense Energy

You are feeling energy all the time through every one of your senses. Receiving energetic information is not the problem; understanding it is. When you get stuck and look to your energy, your guides or your intuition for answers, and wind up confused instead, the big shift that needs to happen is creating a way to understand the information within the energy coming your way. You have to have a means in which to make sense of something that is completely invisible, or at least initially unknown to you. Your energetic body is picking up on the vibrational stuff around you, your unconscious mind is picking up on it, and somehow, you’ve got to create the means to translate that so that you can pick up on that, too.

To understand what’s encoded within the energy all around you, you need to give it a way to speak to you. Clearing your mind in your meditation and hoping you’ll somehow “receive” a clear message is probably not how it’s going to go down. What’s more likely is, you’ll process that energetic information through your own experience. You’ll recognize the thoughts, feelings, experiences, memories, and so on that begin to show up in your awareness. You’ll translate energy through your awareness to understand it. If that awareness isn’t clicking in, then your best approach to opening that flow of understanding is to create some super fun way of giving your mind a way to show you what you need to see.

Get Creative and Let Your Imagination Run Wild

Here’s the good news: everyone can tap into their intuitive imagination and creative process, and open that flow of inner wisdom. Start by making this inner exploration of yours more playful. My favorite question when my clients get stuck in their intuitive understanding is to ask them, “What’s the most creative way you can think of to help your guides or your intuitive know-how to show you what you need to see?”

With your imagination, there are no rules on how you can get information or who gives it to you. You can fly out into the farthest reaches of the universe if you want, you can time travel, you can explore other dimensions, you can envision ideas as symbols or energy and watch them transform in some alchemical process if you invite them to do so. You can call in Angels and talk to crystals and let animals tell you things. You simply aren’t confined to how you get information as you are here, in this reality.

Let Go of Literal Thinking, at Least for a Little While

What I see with a lot of people who come and work with me is that they get stuck on their own self-imposed rules. They get stuck in literal thinking. They’ll say, “Well, in my mind’s eye I saw an image of a woman, but it didn’t look like me, so I didn’t think it was right.” Or, “I asked myself what that feeling was about, and I saw the color blue, so I don’t see how that answers my question.”

Their left brain is trying to make sense of it all in real time, and when it doesn’t make sense – which it won’t right off the bat – they pull back out of their intuitive inner experience and drop back into their left brain. And then the game is over. Your intuition and your imagination will speak in metaphors and symbols. They’ll speak in feelings and colors and words that pop into your awareness. They’ll reveal old memories that represent specific ideas to you, or tie into what you need to understand.

If you allow yourself to play with what shows up in your creative energy work, you might stop and let yourself ask the woman who shows up in your imaginative field what she knows and then follow the story out to see what you learn. You might sit with that blue color and notice how you feel as you watch it in your inner experience. Or you might explore the word that you became aware of more deeply and start to understand how the energy of that word is getting in your way… or how you are behaving from that energy.

With intuitive energy work like this, you want to be willing to follow where your imagination might lead you. And if you don’t understand at first, ask yourself what is the most creative means you can devise, to get more information? If you’re sitting there feeling stuck, get into a mindset of play and give your creative self a way to widdle down your insight. You’ll know when it’s right when you feel it land in some way. Maybe you get a deep “yes” in your energetic space, or you feel emotional. You’ll know; you’ll learn to recognize your yeses.

The One Grounding Anchor

The one thing to recognize is that where your intuitive imagination takes you may not be a literal interpretation of an answer for you. If you’re seeing images or symbols or thinking in metaphors, that’s your cue to keep widdling away at things. Come up with a way you can playfully get more insight. Eventually, you’ll recognize what it all means and what you then know of yourself because of it all. Give yourself time in this reality to make the connections you need from your intuitive process to your everyday life and what you then do with all that information. Understanding something so you can make better choices is the name of the game.

Trusting All this is a Process

You’ll begin to trust your inner intuitive impulses – those initial thoughts to follow your gut as you follow the energy. That’s a level of trust that gets built with practice. Trusting your intuition and intuitive insight does take practice. That’s why you want to learn to build this muscle with things that maybe aren’t life-altering in the beginning. Start small.

The More Stuck You Feel, the More Creative You want to Be

I know; it’s hard to relax and let yourself be a little more playful and creative when you need answers and insight. But that’s the shift that needs to happen when you’re not getting anywhere. Create a channel through your intuitive imagination for your intuition to speak to you, for energy to speak to you. When you feel stuck, think outside the box; play around with the idea that you have no limitations in how you engage with energy. And the more creative you can be with that process, the more access you have to ways of understanding yourself. So, over to you. How can you be more creative in your intuitive work to get the answers that you seek? The universe is the limit!

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