8 Signs You May Be Experiencing Spiritual Awakening…

8 Signs You May Be Experiencing Spiritual Awakening

Have you started asking yourself big questions like, who am I and why am I here? Are you looking at your life from a more spiritual perspective? Perhaps you feel called to do some deep inner work? These are all signs you may be experiencing a spiritual awakening. Spiritual awakening—also described as nirvana, bliss, or spiritual ascension in different faith traditions—is when you wake up to life and begin to question life’s meanings. It is a transformative process where your soul evolves, expands, and matures, and you become aware of patterns and habits that were previously unconscious.

Here’s how to identify whether or not you’re in the process of spiritual awakening:

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Signs of Spiritual Awakening

You Crave Meaning and Purpose

Do you sense something important is still missing and seek higher truths? One of the common signs of spiritual awakening is when you deeply desire to find the meaning of your life. You are not satisfied with how things are, and you start to question the purpose of your existence. You have no idea what your life purpose is, but you are desperate to find it. You begin asking deep questions about life, death and even start searching for God or Higher power.

Your Perspective and Values Shift

Awakening is like a rebirth, a transition into the new version of you, which requires you to shed all of the old layers. This shift stimulates and triggers a spiritual awakening. That’s the reason why people who awaken start to confront their values and perspectives. They no longer have steady, unwavering opinions, and they become more open-minded and non-judgmental. More so, their goals are lifted and replaced from materialistic ones to internal goals like finding purpose and meaningful life experiences.

You Become Keenly Perceptive

During the process of spiritual awakening, your perception becomes more vivid and direct. You are attuned to subtleties around you and feel things more intensely. You begin to see beauty in everything and become sensitive to little things people are not aware of. In particular, you become captivated by nature, rivers, mountains, trees, plants, animals, and other phenomena.

You Start to Experience Synchronicities

Do you find yourself regularly waking up around 1:11 or 3:33 each night? Have you ever thought of someone you haven’t communicated with for years, and out of nowhere they randomly call you, or you run into them later that day? During spiritual awakening, it is common to notice meaningful coincidences, also known as synchronicity. You begin to notice synchronicities and discern that they are strategically orchestrated and perfectly aligned to guide you along the journey.

Your Intuition is Heightened

Have you started listening to your inner voice? Do you allow it to guide your decisions? Increased intuition is another sign of a spiritual awakening. It happens because you no longer operate from a place of ego and are more apt to connect with yourself. Your ego is separated in some way so that the higher self can emerge from the inside.

You Feel Drawn to Solitude

Do you often feel disconnected from people or places around you? If so, you may be experiencing a spiritual awakening. In wakefulness, you likely find yourself wanting to be alone more than usual. The reason why this happens is when we experience a spiritual awakening, it deflates our ego, which as a result, creates a profound sense of loneliness. Therefore, we need downtime to decompress and re-energize.

You Want to Make the World a Better Place

Another notable sign of spiritual awakening is that your materialistic goals no longer contain your expanding awareness. You gradually started to realize that material possessions or worldly desires are not what your soul craves. You feel overwhelmed by what is happening in the world. Therefore, you want to be a force for good.

You Start to Experience the Oneness of Everything

A sign you’re going through a spiritual awakening is if you’re experiencing an interconnectedness between everything. You begin to realize that you’re not just a physical body but a life force—primordial energy. You will understand that everything is about unity, harmony, and greater cohesion. If you’re feeling this deep sense of oneness within mind, body, and soul, as well as the entire universe, that’s a sign you’re just waking up.


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