Entrepreneurship And Intuitive Hunches…

Entrepreneurship And Intuitive Hunches

Do you follow your hunches?

Do you hear the little voice in your head or heart that makes you turn right even though the GPS said turn left in your car? Are you listening to it?

This little voice is your intuition. It allows you to make decisions not upon logic but on the mysterious hunches we have. So much of our lives we spend analyzing the pros and cons and making sound logical decisions. Even after careful decision making sometimes things just don’t go the way we planned. Have you ever decided to do something out of the ordinary that worked?

As an entrepreneur, taking risks based on our intuition is proven to be extremely profitable and meaningful. How do we harness this power? I have spent the past two years of my life focusing on this power within myself. It takes deep belief and trust in yourself to follow this path and it does have a tried and true method in its seeming madness. We can make lists and follow rules, but are we living the potential we desired and providing the services we imagined when we said we wanted to start our business?

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Infinite intelligence

Napoleon Hill talks about hunches tapping into Infinite Intelligence of the Universe in Think and Grow Rich, written in 1937.

“When ideas or concepts flash into one’s mind, through what is popularly called a ‘hunch,’ they come from one or more of the following sources:

  1. Infinite Intelligence
  2. One’s subconscious mind wherein is stored every sense impression and thought impulse which ever reached the brain through any of the five senses
  3. From the mind of some other person who has just released the thought, or picture of the idea or concept through conscious thought, or
  4. From the other person’s subconscious storehouse.” (Hill 255)

He also writes how the creative imagination is directly connected to the finite mind of a man and Infinite intelligence. Invention takes place within the creative imagination. When we can visualize or dream something that seems real, it can be created in the physical world through trust, belief, perseverance, and confidence. It is through divinely inspired action that you can birth any idea and take it to fruition. Steve Jobs, the Wright Brothers, Henry Ford, Thomas Edison, Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King and more had dreams, new ideas that all came to fruition.

Believe in yourself

How do you do this? Will it work? Is it risky? I can sense your discomfort and your skepticism. The truth is if you do not follow it you will kick yourself for not trying. The intangible is so clear in our minds that when we do follow it, we are so floored by the results that we can’t even believe we did it. The keyword here is to believe. When something magical happens such as getting our first client, meeting our true love, witnessing a beautiful sunrise, etc. we suspend all disbelief and believe in the ethereal, intangible thoughts and feelings we have. Shouldn’t our businesses and our services have an element of our magic in them?

When we can use inspired action consistently in our business it delivers results. It was my deep desire to go to India with my kids and I knew following my hunch will yield results with my clients, though I wasn’t sure how. In addition, Israel focuses on family roots in the 7th grade and my son was 12, so it seemed appropriate and meaningful to allow them to absorb the culture of their grandparents and witness a life so different from the Western world that they were used to. This hunch included a high element of financial risk.

I had just received an inheritance from my mother that allowed me to travel for 6 months and I decided to enroll clients in my emerging healing business while traveling. Each of these “risks” came from my heart. Very soon I realized that my clients and followers were inspired by my adventurous spirit, dedication to expose my kids to a different lifestyle and open them up to a mystical side of their past.

I gained confidence in myself in the throes of my travels and my children and I bonded in a myriad of ways. They got to see a side of me I seldom show them, learn a language that I rarely speak at home, eat exotic foods and see so many different colors, landscapes, and people.

Out of this intuitive hunch, I enrolled clients, followed my passions, became vegan, bonded with my kids, and listened to my inner voice to guide me. By listening I had more ideas that I explored and not all of them succeeded but I allowed myself to harness that power and build a sound foundation of trust and belief in myself. I do agree that strong financial foundations and good business practices help you grow your business. I would add that includes intuitive risks based on your inner voice. Without the combination of these three key elements, businesses will not continue to withstand the tests of time.

Best practices to help you harness the power within you

  1. Write down your ideas preferably daily each morning after waking. This is an important time of the day because you are just waking up from sleep, so your intuitive juices are strong and fresh. Do it consistently and regularly preferably in a special journal.
  2. Focus on one idea per day to observe the results it yields. For example, send that email, talk to your friend, approach that follower with your services, take inspired action, or go for that walk with your dog.
  3. Record your results on each idea by quantifying it in an app that resonates with you. Write down the results such as received a promising reply to your email, and enrollment to your program, and/or a deep conversation with your friend. Follow through and see if it was successful over time. Take the ideas as far as it can go and allow other ideas to come in.
  4. Sit in stillness. Allow yourself to quiet your mind and clear your thoughts. In silence, we can confidently go forward. Most of the time we do not act because we doubt ourselves due to the repetitive thoughts or our inner critic or fear that we might not be successful. This is destructive to your dreams as well as your belief in yourself. Balance these thoughts with the quantification app showing you clearly the ideas that did succeed.
  5. When taking inspired action, do it even if there is some fear. Your success is on the other side of fear. Without some level of discomfort or fear, you will not reap the benefit of increased confidence. You can change your life by living your dreams. Only you can live them, not anyone else.


To fully use your potential, it is recommended to harness the genius within you which is your intuition or hunches. When you use it in your business, you will see that it allows you more freedom to do and act in ways that your logical mind does not understand. These creative acts connect you to the Infinite Intelligence of the Universe.

Fear is usually a byproduct of growth, so it is normal and healthy to feel some fear when taking risks. Recording your track record will allow you to increase your trust and belief in yourself because you will have quantitative facts to prove it. This quiets your inner critic and increases your faith in your creative imagination. Remember if you can see it in your mind’s eye it is completely possible!


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