Enlightenment Through Spirituality And Astrology…

Enlightenment Through Spirituality And Astrology

Throughout history, people searched for ways to achieve spiritual enlightenment. Traditional concepts have come from the traditions and teachings of Hindu yogi’s, Buddhist monks, and spiritual teachers. According to the Bhagavad Gita, enlightenment is knowing the truth. To get enlightenment, it’s been said that transformation happens after many milestones or different levels of awakening. Enlightenment lets you see beyond what is visible and lets you understand the basis of existence.

To be open to enlightenment we must first be in touch with the spiritual side. There are 3 stages to enlightenment:

1. First stage

This is characterized by living in the present and not worrying about what the future will bring.

2. Second stage

This happens once you are able to connect with your surroundings, physical environment, and nature.

3. Third stage

When you achieve harmony or being connected with things around you.

Most people imagine going to spiritual places, a retreat, a temple, or a holy place but it can be simpler. If you feel that you’re ready, here are practical ways to help you achieve spiritual enlightenment:

Get rid of clutter

Clearing out the old stuff removes distraction and lets you focus more on silencing your thoughts. Clutter represents blockages. It prevents us from seeing a clear path. It is more than clearing physical clutter but it also removes emotional and mental blocks that will make it easier for you to achieve spiritual growth.

Go outdoors

Being outside in nature is liberating and lets us connect to the outer world and also to our inner world. Being in nature lets us reset our mind, and body. It energizes us and releases tension which can block our spiritual path.

Taking care of self

Taking adequate rest, eating right, managing stress, and achieving a work-life balance sets you up for enlightenment. If you are well, you’ll be able to fully realize life. You’ll be able to think well about what you need in your life

Astrology for spiritual growth

It is more than telling the position of stars and planets. It is not just for predicting events. Besides telling the archetype of a person under their zodiac it also shows how a person may relate to their environment and to the cosmos. Studying it and how the planetary cycles affect you can help bring self-awareness and spiritual growth.


Many cultures believe that meditation can help bring spiritual enlightenment. It quiets the mind and lets you focus and connect to your environment. It also helps you to see possibilities that you would otherwise not be able to think of in a busy setting. Listening to your inner voice and reflecting on your experiences can guide you to the path of spiritual enlightenment.

Enlightenment may be rare but it is possible. It may be elusive but you shouldn’t get discouraged or frustrated even if you put in a lot of effort but still don’t get the results you want. A lot of people have sought it to the point of obsession that it has caused them suffering. But people differ in their idea of enlightenment. A lower level of enlightenment may be enough for someone but may be enough for another.

Another way to look at it is as a journey instead of a goal. A spiritual path that can free us from suffering that will enable us to find truth and peace. Be spontaneous and let go. It may not happen in the time which you have set. It is not a one-time thing either but a journey. If it happens then great but if not then your life may still change for the better just by starting the journey to enlightenment.


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