How An Energy Healer Helped Alleviate My Toddler’s Tantrums…

How An Energy Healer Helped Alleviate My Toddler’s Tantrums

A mother’s intuition is one of the strongest forces out there and it wasn’t until I tapped into mine that things started shifting.

After months and months of tantrums, I realized my strong-willed yet loving, compassionate, sensitive and intelligent toddler was going through something. Yes, I know tantrums and toddlers are synonymous and this wasn’t an attempt to make meaning out of something that didn’t exist or even to take a shortcut.

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My personal experience

The minute she turned two, the tantrums began. For the first 3 months, I talked to other parents, read articles, watched videos and read books. How to Talk So they Will Listen was one of my favorites and the tools in there worked most of the time. Things got better after month 3 as I learned how to parent a toddler.

Then, came our summer of hell. In a matter of two months, we experienced two car accidents, bed bugs, a fall at work that resulted in physical therapy, a dramatic change at my daughter’s daycare, financial stress, did I mention bed bugs? Yeah, that took two months to resolve because our pest company convinced us that the chemical treatment was the way to go. It wasn’t. After weeks and weeks of packing and unpacking, washing and drying clothes, and having people come into our home every two weeks to tear our house apart and spray harmful chemicals, we got the heat treatment and laid it to rest (pun intended). In that time, my husband and I got hundreds of bites (fortunately, our daughter was spared).

Our love for travel was affected and, of course, the ability to find rest and respite in the one place in the world you could rely on, your home, was affected. Getting bed bugs is a total mind you-know-what. We were amazed at how well my daughter fared through it all even as we tried to shun her from seeing her home and room in a complete disarray. For those of you with toddlers you know structure and control is paramount to them since they have so little control of their own lives.

In any case, we were grateful for her behavior while we tried to handle the life that was falling apart around us. That is, until it was over. That is when the tantrums or upsets really began.

There could be causation or correlation, who knows? But, for the next 10 months, the tantrums she expressed were explosive in nature, in their frequency, in their intensity, in their duration. They would come from nowhere and last 1 hour or longer sometimes. Trying to hug or hold her or ignore her or distract her or avoid her was all in vain. Her basic needs were met in terms of love, food, affection, and sleep and there was no other apparent change or chaos. There were incidents where I would be on the floor crying with her or praying and pleading for her to have peace. Of course, I felt like a terrible mom in those moments first for her upsets and then for how I handled them.

Calling in help

I also felt like there was something more, something deeper. I come from the Hindu tradition and am a spiritual person and what she experienced just didn’t seem right. Music, aromatherapy, calming bedtime routines were a norm in our home but, on their own, were not helping. I finally decided to call an energy healer a friend had mentioned months ago, someone she called upon in her own life with her kids. We so often ignore the signals or lifejackets sent to us and over rationalize things, don’t we? I practice yoga and meditation and believe in the power of acupuncture, tai chi, Reiki and similar modalities, and yet I was hesitant about energy healing like she didn’t need it.

I reached out to the practitioner and when she thought she could help us, I thought, what can I lose if it doesn’t work except for some money? At least I know I tried it.

Spiritually healing tantrums

We set up 3 sessions with the practitioner that was done over WhatsApp video. Since my daughter is young and mothers and children are so closely connected until about age 6 or 7, I was the surrogate used to heal her. My daughter would or could interact with her but would mostly be playing nearby. The sessions would entail me going to a recent tantrum episode after which an emotion such as anguish, fear, worry, etc. would come up and the practitioner would muscle test at what point in my daughter’s life did that emotion manifest previously. The majority of the episodes were from her experience in utero, which really meant what I experienced when I was pregnant.

Mommy Nearest recently shared an article on how toddler tantrums are caused by maternal stress! She nailed it! For example, during one tantrum, my daughter was really feeling worry. The practitioner discovered at 8 months, I was really worried about something and I would recall that it was the risk of having gestational diabetes. If I were right, her testing would confirm and, if it was something else, she would urge me to think about what else might have had me feeling worry at 8 months.

It was incredible what her intuition picked up on and guided her to in those conversations. I was also impressed by own ability to recollect what happened years ago as my memory is not the sharpest.

Just last month, my daughter was being particularly uncooperative and difficult with night wakings. I contacted our energy healer who identified four distinct causes. Extreme sadness because she missed a little girl she was close to. Incidentally, the week prior my daughter had ended her time at a home daycare, where she has been for years and made a very good friend with another little girl. She was missing her and spontaneity and mischief this little girl brought to my daughter. Tina advised me to have her write a letter to her friend and, if possible, organize a playdate soon.

She also identified physical inflammation that was not visible but caused by fruit from concentrate juice. My daughter rarely has juice except at parties so I was able to remember when she last had juice.

Finally, through muscle testing, Tina found that there was some creativity that my daughter was yearning, which she had at daycare. I knew my daughter liked to color and dance but those were not what were coming up. I came to the conclusion that making forts, which requires creativity and teamwork is what my daughter was yearning and, so, we made forts that afternoon.

Finally, the energy healer identified sadness in my daughter, which came from her in utero experience at 7 months. She asked if I was sad when I was 7 months pregnant and when I couldn’t recall, she asked if I had traveled that month. Then I remembered that I had traveled for my friend’s baby shower and I was sad because the memories I had to share of her during a shower game were from our childhood and not recent.

The combination of these episodes were resulting in my daughter’s behavior for a week. Had I not spoken to Tina, I would have never been able to identify what was wrong and would’ve just gotten frustrated After the last session, more than two months later, we have had 0 tantrums. Now, that doesn’t mean she isn’t a three-year-old who isn’t difficult or uncooperative, at times. But we’re better able to handle everything with patience and love and the tools we’ve learned from child psychologists like offering choices or setting time limits.

My husband and I have since talked to this practitioner about the issues in our own lives stemming from our past. Since we have more drama, trauma, and baggage than a toddler, ours will take longer to clear but, I for one, am optimistic! My husband is a mental health clinician and called energy healing “magic therapy”. You don’t have to recount experiences in detail or be retriggered by the stress or trauma. You mention the incident, the emotion behind the incident is identified and then the energy healer works with you to release it. This can be done long-distance too!

Energy healing

Energy healing is based on the premise that during a traumatic or stressful episode, energy finds a weak point in our bodies and stores itself there until released if ever released.

So, as in the documentary, Heal, if you’re in a terrible car accident, even if you walk away without external injury, the stress and trauma from that accident stores itself in your body and manifests as chronic pain, disease, cancer. Talking about it doesn’t necessarily teach your body to let go of that stored energy, so energy releases are necessary to clear the stuck energy. Acupuncture and reiki, in a similar way, clear blocks of energy in the pathways of your body. More and more people are discovering the power of energy healing, which has existed for thousands of years.

If you’re interested in learning more, I would recommend “The Healing Field: Exploring Energy & Consciousness Expanded Edition” which you can find on Amazon or Gaia. Major organizations such as Mommy Nearest, Sivana Spirit, and Mindvalley have all recently published articles about the power of energy healing.


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