How Energy Editing Smashes Blocks To Self-Love…

How Energy Editing Smashes Blocks To Self-Love


Self-love, for many, is really hard to do. It seems easier to criticize yourself than to praise yourself for a job well done. Many of us think that self-love is just in relation to our bodies but it actually encompasses a wider range of things such as business, money, relationships and health.

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Imagine Loving Yourself Unconditionally

Could you look in the mirror and feel love and happiness towards yourself? Can you praise and encourage yourself to try out a new exercise regime, moving out of your comfort zone at work or setting boundaries in your relationships? Instead of losing your voice and inner intuition to your parents, partner or friends, could you listen within and trust your own inner guidance? Or do you feel that, although it sounds like a lovely idea, self-love is out of reach for you?

Honestly, I thought so too, until I tried Energy Editing®.  It changed me so much that I trained as an Energy Editing® Professional to help others and the Self Love Revolution has now become my mission. I believe that everyone can love and accept themselves for who they are.

What is Energy Editing?

Energy Editing is muscle testing to find the specific blocks or limiting beliefs in your energy system. Smashing those blocks and limiting beliefs helps you clear past experiences, thoughts, and memories that are holding you back.

There are many things that you can do to help your conscious mind such as journaling or mindset work, but it can take forever. I spent years doing this and made a few steps progress before feeling that I was back to square one. You can also work on your subconscious mind but again, it can take time. Below the subconscious is the energy system, which feeds the subconscious and conscious. By only dealing with the issue in the subconscious, it is likely to come back.

Dealing with the energy system means the problem doesn’t return. Problems can appear through loneliness, unworthiness, self-criticism and abundance. Releasing blocks in the energy system can create rapid change.

Root Causes of Problems in the Energy System

Our beliefs are formed up to 7 years of age, and we carry these beliefs into adulthood. Have you ever wondered why you don’t learn the lesson? You probably haven’t dealt with the root cause and therefore can’t get off the hamster wheel. By muscle testing, you can find the limiting blocks/beliefs that are holding you back. I tune into your energy system, muscle test to find it and then I clear it. Some blocks or limiting beliefs are:

  • You must not outshine siblings or you must let others shine their light and live in the spotlight
  • Not being good enough
  • Your true self isn’t worthy of money or love
  • Fear of success
  • Fear of failure
  • Fear of rejection
  • Fear of being a fraud
  • Self-disapproval
  • Fears around being successful and not being prepared for it

I definitely suffered in silence for a long time with self-criticism and self-disapproval. Energy Editing® helped me release my limiting beliefs and helped me expand. I got to the root problem of why I felt so undeserving and unworthy of my big dreams and goals. It also reprogrammed the fact that I was a success and not a failure. Energy Editing increased my self-worth and showed me what self-love looked like. Compassion and being kind to myself got easier and it is incredible to see how I can also help others with it now.

Your self-love is important and it is true what they say, that you do have to put on your own oxygen mask on first before you help others.


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Kerri O'Loane

I am Kerri, the Self-Love Queen. On a Self Love Revolution to smash your blocks to self love, money, optimal…

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