How To Energetically Spring Clean Your Home…

How To Energetically Spring Clean Your Home

When the sun starts streaming through my windows and showing how dirty they are, I know its time to start spring cleaning! Have you also noticed that some rooms in your house or even the whole house feels heavy? We leave energetic imprints wherever we go. These might be joyous, from your toddler’s giggle, or not so much, from a heated argument. You may be feeling sluggish, a vicious circle of putting that energy into your home and absorbing it back.

We leave imprints from fear, worry, anger, anxiety; you name it it’s there. If the energy is not cleaned out regularly, the very being of your home can start to feel weighty. So how do you manage that? Life is always going to be lived, but if you are mindful of the space you live in, it can be the difference between having a home and a haven.

Firstly, there is an overlap between your physical cleaning and energetic cleaning. Vacuuming a floor, for example, stirs up stuck energy, as does dusting the corners of your rooms for cobwebs. Clearing away clutter brings a lightness to the space. So starting with traditional cleaning and decluttering is perfect.

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Start the energetic cleaning

Once that is done, you can start to clean the energy. Leave plenty of time to do this and bring the whole family together to help. Here are different tools you can use:

  1. Noise. Traditionally, drums and rattles are used to stir up energy, and then it is cleared out with a cleansing spray or smoke. If you don’t have a traditional drum or rattle, I bet you can get creative! Use anything you can bang, a saucepan, the tambourine out of the kids’ toy chest, a baby rattle, rice in a jar, or even just clapping. You will need to go around the whole room, paying attention to where energy can get stuck, in the corners of the room, and under static furniture. Follow up cleansing with noise with one of the smoke or spray options below.
  2. Sage. Traditionally sacred sage has been used for thousands of years to cleanse, bless, and heal people and spaces. You can use the sage in a bundle form, light it and direct to smoke with your hand or feather into all areas of the space you are cleansing. Don’t forget the corners, under furniture and right up to the ceiling, allow the smoke to rise up and fill the space.
  3. Incense. You can burn incense sticks or resin. Allow the smoke to fill the room.
  4. Cleansing spray. I love this recipe for a cleansing spray. The ritual for making the spray also brings intention and love to the process. This is an excellent option if you are worried about inhaling the smoke too.
  5. Open your windows and doors. Invite in fresh air and energy to your home and flush out the old stale energy and cleansing smoke by opening up as many windows and doors as you can.
  6. Intention. You don’t have to worry about whether you are doing this right or wrong, what’s more, important is your intention for clearing the space and bringing good clean energy in. I have done clearings for families where everyone joins in and the process is full of fun and laughter. What better energy to bring into your home? Think about what feeling you want to put into each room in your home. The bedroom needs calm and relaxation. Your office may need to be more energized.

Once you have done a complete energetic clean of your home, you can start to pay attention to when the energy begins to change and cleanse each room when necessary. If you have a home office and are stuck creatively, perhaps you need to clear the room, including your desk and computer or laptop. You may be having disturbed sleep; your bedroom might need a clean. Is there disharmony within the family? Cleaning shared spaces intending to bring calm to the area can help.

Enjoy your harmonious home!


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