5 Eastern-Inspired Ways To Bust A Bad Mood…

5 Eastern-Inspired Ways To Bust A Bad Mood

We have all experienced the misalignment of a bad mood. It gradually weighs you down as it brews up inside you like a dark storm. The following 5 bad-mood-busting methods were adapted from eastern philosophy to prepare you with the tools needed to dissipate any negative emotion; allowing you to bask in the sunshine of happiness and inner peace once more.

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1. Nourish Your Body To Support Your Mind

Medicinal plants have been used for thousands of years to nurture and develop vitality, with certain plants having incredibly beneficial properties that positively influence mental health. Moringa, for example, is a protein-rich mood stabilizer in which its high content of amino acid tryptophan promotes the synthesis of serotonin. Turmeric is also a fantastic mood enhancer as the anti-inflammatory properties of curcumin reduce inflammation in the brain and thus enhance the flow of neurotransmitters. For additional information and tips to nourish your mind and body, check out Authority Health. It is a reliable resource for research-based articles that can help you enhance your diet as well as your mood.

2. Raise Your Vibration

The feelings of negativity, sadness, frustration, and anger slow down your energy frequency and lower your vibration. This perpetuates your bad mood and often leaves you feeling like you are trying to claw your way out of misery, but not succeeding. As your aura is impacted by your thoughts, emotions, environment, well-being, and interactions; the following tips will be sure to help you raise your vibrations and give you the boost you need to get out of a trough of tumultuous emotion:

  • Listen to some harmonic music such as Tibetan singing bowls.
  • Lie in the sunshine.
  • Slap on a pair of bright cotton harem pants or a soft silk skirt and let the comfort commence.
  • Drink a refreshing glass of water.
  • Have a deep stretch while focusing on your breathing.
  • Reflect on something to smile about.
  • Get your blood flowing – put on your favorite song and dance like nobody’s watching.
  • Eat a fresh and organic snack.
  • Exfoliate while enjoying an invigorating hot shower.

3. Practice Benevolence

Adapted from the Buddhist ritual of mettā bhāvanā, to practice benevolence is to reflect on the situation with kindness or tenderness; rehearsing a compassionate message that will eventually replace any hostile feelings. If someone was rude to you, hope they find peace. If someone hurt you, wish them freedom from their suffering. As you practice benevolence, you will showcase to yourself how feelings are not fixed and can evolve to come from a place of love, instead of fear.

4. Surrender and Accept

This tip to abolish a bad mood is inspired by Wu Wei – a Chinese term meaning ‘not making an effort’. Adapted from Daoism, this teaching encourages you to go with the flow of reality and willingly surrender to the whole universe. When you surrender to the reality of the situation that may have put you in a bad mood – you can accept that you cannot change what has been done. You can’t un-spill coffee on your shirt, but you can be more conscious and careful the next time you hold your cup. Through surrender and acceptance – you give yourself the freedom to choose your attitude towards the event, allowing you the opportunity to learn from the experience and perhaps take delight in the serenity that was once despair.

5. Be Free From Ignorance

One statement that resonates from ancient eastern philosophy right through to the 21st century is this: ignorance is the root of all suffering. This is the active delusion of your place in the world, where your personal context and motivations cloud your judgment and make you bias of a situation. Ignorance manifests in 2 ways: Aversion and Attachment. Aversion is the unwillingness to let go of negative emotion, while attachment is the unwillingness to let go of the idea of pleasure. Both of these tools are used to substantiate the ego, meaning we take things personally – when in fact – they have nothing to do with us at all. By allowing yourself to be free from the aversion and attachment of ignorance, you can liberate yourself from the grasp of your ego as well as the depths of a bad mood.

By applying these 5 Eastern-inspired ways to bust a bad mood, you not only dissipate negative emotion – but allow yourself to be nourished, energized, and liberated from the influence of the ego; promoting a more compassionate, peaceful, happy, and healthy state of being.


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