Dream Visitations: Your Passed Loved Ones Are Trying To Visit You Too…

Dream Visitations: Your Passed Loved Ones Are Trying To Visit You Too

September 2015. 2 months after my mom passed was the first time it happened. I woke up with tears streaming down my face. Though they weren’t sad tears. They were tears of pure joy. Because I had just felt like I spent hours with my mom again, despite her passing two months before. The experience was extremely vivid, with the ability to recall each and every moment as clear as I could recall the events of the day before. The logical part of me kept saying it was just a memory, a part of my conscious mind replaying previous happy times spent with her. But the other, spiritually curious, intuitive and open part of me felt deep down maybe it was more. The feeling felt too real. The messages and peace I felt after these dreams were profound. The messages and answers she left me with addressed so much of what I was wrestling with while awake. Maybe, just maybe I was actually communicating with her in real time.

These dreams continued, some weeks having more than others. But as they did, the surprise and confusion that had first arose upon seeing my mom slowly faded. I gradually realized I was becoming used to seeing, feeling, and communicating with her through this alternative means. Often times, these dreams entailed taking long walks with her, conversing what felt like hours on end. Upon waking though, I couldn’t always put into words what exactly we talked about, but only knew of a conversation and of the reunion with her once again.

As I write this now, these dreams have become an increasingly regular part of my life. Lately, for me, these dreams have allowed me to unpack and shift through the emotions and healing I’m working on while consciously awake. My mom continues to be an ever strong presence and it is no longer a question that she’s actively working with me from the other side. For me, the dream state allows my more logical brain to turn off, let go, and openly release any preconceived notions that otherwise hold my more intuitive side back when fully conscious.

If you’ve had dreams with your passed loved ones, realize they are with you always. They are using this opportunity and space where often we are more open to communicate and hear from them directly. If you’re someone who is thinking “I’ve lost someone close to me and have never experienced this type of visitation, but really want it”, ask for it. Upon going to bed, ask this person for a visit and a sign that they are still able to communicate with you, simply from a different means. If it doesn’t happen immediately after asking once, keep asking and focus on releasing your expectations for when and how they show up. Releasing of this attachment allows for the communication to occur in the way that impact you the most.


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