Do The Akashic Records Really Exist?…

Do The Akashic Records Really Exist?

Does the A-Field, or Akashic Records, really exist?

As a recent new author at Sivana East, I started my blogging journey here with this article about Akashic Energy and the nature of the Akashic Records.

The article generated some interesting discussion with two readers and I’ll share the most provocative question here, being ‘Do the Akashic Records really exist?’.

What are the Akashic Records again, exactly?

So, (assuming that you the reader might think, believe, or at least entertain the idea that they exist since you are reading this), the Akashic Records are a fifth-dimensional energy field, often referred to as the A-Field by authors (and a few scientists).

This fifth-dimensional field is made up of data, you can think of it as ‘experience data’, from your energy field in this lifetime, containing all of your thoughts, actions, emotions, and circumstances from birth up to the present moment.

That’s why it’s called the Akashic ‘Records’, not only is this data stream a ‘record’, but it is also ‘recording’ as you live your life.

If you choose to believe that we have had Past Lives, then the Akashic Records is also a record of those as well, which means you have one very long data stream of information, interspersed with trips back to Creator Source before you reincarnate once again.

Perhaps you can think of each life like tracks on a record (if you are older, like me!).

Lee Carroll, who channels a benevolent energy called Kryon refers to the Akashic Records as ‘knitting’

Now, if we were to include everyone else’s Akashic Records on planet Earth, all their data streams of experiential data, so to speak, then the A-Field or Akashic Field starts to look a bit like ‘knitting’, as Lee Carroll remarks when he is channeling Kryon.

To begin to believe in the Akashic Records, which let’s face it if you are new to this subject matter, is somewhat of a leap, then in truth, it’s import to connect with your own ‘experience data’ in some way.

Perhaps you’ll have a validating experience and then begin to shift your beliefs, which only you can do, after all.

Here’s Rebecca Hessey’s question, and my answer.

Rebecca Hessey, Sivana Spirit Blog Reader

Truth, are the Akashic Records Real?

Sarah Lawrence’s Answer

“Interesting question. I like Brian Weiss, MD’s take on that.

He discovered the Akashic Records unwittingly by giving therapy to a patient, who started to demonstrate past-life recall.

Brian knew nothing about it but decided to follow the treatment path the patient’s behavior indicated.

It led to a healing for his patient where no other therapies had helped, and a lifetime of past life regression work for Dr. Weiss.

His own daughter experienced a healing when he wasn’t even aware she was attending a lecture of his.

So, his take is, if it works and does good, then use it.

Belief may come later, but if healing comes first, or enlightenment of some kind, then that is just as good!”

Rebecca replied…

Sarah Lawrence This doesn’t really answer the question, does it?

Sarah Lawrence

“So Rebecca I believe the Akashic Records are real.

This belief comes from my own experiences.

From a child, I would get a ‘read’ on everything from a person, a house to a tree and not know what was happening or how I was doing it.

At one point I even got checked to make sure I was a balanced person!

The experiences led me on a spiritual journey, and from there I started to get answers to my questions which clarified my own experiences.

The Akashic Records are a spiritual concept existing in human consciousness for thousands of years.

So, I have had the experiences, and believe in the Records.

I would never presume to try and change someone else’s beliefs or approach to life, that would create karma and I’m not interested in that! Take what you will.

I believe that if the Akashic energy wants to make itself known to you in this life, it will. Hope that helps!”

If you’d like to ask me more questions about the Akashic Records, please do post them below

I hope you found this blog post useful and that perhaps it made you think differently about the Akashic Records or at the very least entertain some new ideas.

Also, something to consider – what would the spiritual consequences be of having a recording in place of all of our actions, thoughts, circumstances, and emotions as an energy field?

Perhaps that could relate to karma?  I think, though for now, I’ll leave that particular spiritual concept for another blog post.

Until next time!


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