Do Plants Have Souls?

Param Pujya Dada Bhagwan explains: “Wherever there is feeling of any kind, therein lies the Soul; and decidedly there is life present there. Therefore, you should know that where there are feelings, life is present there. And if something does not show feelings, then it has no life; and hence, it is without Soul. Even trees and leaves have feelings… Those that have feelings clearly show the presence of Soul. It is not that one to whom feelings arise is itself the Soul; but where there arises a feeling, there, there is Soul. And where no feelings arise; there is no Soul there… The feelings arise because of the presence of Soul! So wherever there is feeling, there is Soul.”

Soul is the Life Energy!

Be it plants, trees, birds, animals, insects, microbes or human beings; right from one-sensed being to a five-sensed being, Soul is present in every living being! It is because Soul is the life energy. Where there is no Soul, there cannot be life.

If you tie grains, they naturally sprout, don’t they? However, if you tie pebbles (non-living things), would they naturally grow? No! Why so? Well, it’s because there is no Soul in a pebble. Soul is not there inside any non-living things.

A body without Soul (once dead) implies that the body has no life, and hence, it is unable to feel happiness or pain. So, wherever there are sensations and emotions, there is knowledge of pain and happiness, wherever there is a feeling or growth, it implies that there is Soul or life energy in that body.

What We See Outside is Body and The Soul is Present Inside the Body

What we see outside is leaf, flower, stem, etc. in case of a plant; and the Soul is present inside the body.

The Soul is an eternal element. In all, there are six eternal elements. These six eternal elements are revolving around one another, and as a result, its phases arise. It is because of these phases that this world is seen. In this world, only the phases are visible.

The living beings that we can see in their body form are called the phases of the Soul. Plants, trees, birds, animals, insects, human beings are all phases of the Soul. The phases are temporary whereas the element is eternal. Therefore, the plants are temporary – they crop, grow and in some time die; whereas the Soul within the plant is eternal; an element.

The Absolute Soul Is God and To Experience God One Needs to Attain Self-Realization

Just as oil and water never mix, the Soul and the body in which the Soul is present never mix. The Soul has infinite such properties. Infinite knowledge, infinite vision, infinite power, infinite bliss are some of the important properties of the Soul. But the reason why we are unaware of the Soul’s existence in us and why we cannot experience its glorious properties is because it is covered by infinite veils of ignorance.

These infinite veils of ignorance can be broken only after Self Realization. And thanks to Akram Vignan, today, Self-Realization can be attained much easily! In Akram Vignan, all that is required of us is – with the highest order of humility and a pure inner intent of ‘I do not know anything’, we seek Self-Realization with the divine grace of Gnani.

Gnani breaks through the veils of ignorance and places a clear line of demarcation between the Soul and the non-Soul, after which the Soul comes into our awareness and it continues to remain in our awareness!!! Not even for a moment will that awareness disappear thereafter.

We then stop binding new karmas and start finishing our old karmas. When all the karmas are exhausted, the Pure Soul is completely uncovered and what remains is the Absolute God! Yes, the Absolute Soul is God!

Hence, Param Pujya Dada Bhagwan says, “God is in every creature, whether visible or invisible. God is in creature, not in creation.”


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