DIY Smudge Sticks


Need a little extra way to incorporate more zen, positivity, and calm in your life? Are you looking for another way to cleanse yourself or your home of negative energy? Look no further than smudge sticks!

For thousands of years, Native Americans have used smudge sticks to clear out negative energy and invite positivity. Smudging is usually done to cleanse places but can be used to cleanse objects too. You might smudge to cleanse your home before you move in or just to clear out stagnant energy. A few benefits of smudging include an increased sense of calmness, clarity, confidence, happiness, and creativity.

The herb sage is most commonly associated with smudging because it is said to drive away negative energies, but almost any herb can be used for smudging! Smudge sticks can be made of combinations of dried herbs and flowers like lavender, rosemary, or any other scents you like. Almost any herb or flower can be used to smudge. However, it’s important to research beforehand – some may give off odors that can provoke asthma, allergies, or illness.

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Common Herbs and Flowers Used

  • Lavender (peace of mind, calm, and restfulness)
  • White Sage (joy, wisdom, clears negative energy, and restores harmony)
  • Rosemary (mental acuity and purification)
  • Thyme (positivity and courage)
  • Pine (serenity, cleansing, purification, and rejuvenation)
  • Sweetgrass (healing, purification, and bring about positive energy)
  • Rosemary (protection)
  • Rose Petals (For meditation, attracts love, and calm)
  • Peppermint (Healing, protection, clarity)

What You’ll Need

  • Fresh or dried herbs (Try to grow these on your own or harvest them ethically in the wild!)
  • Twine, hemp, or 100% cotton thread

How To Make Smudge Sticks

  1. Cut the plants you are using to similar lengths. You may want to let these wilt and dry out a little bit before proceeding!
  2. Measure a piece of thin cord (hemp, cotton string, etc.) 4 times the length of the plants.
  3. Bundle the branches together and tie the string in a knot.
  4. With the tips of the branches pointing down, begin wrapping the cord tightly around the base of your bundle. This will be your handle.
  5. Wrap the cord around the bundle, while firmly pressing the plant material together, working your way to the tip of the branches. Pull tightly as you move up the stems.
  6. When you reach the tip, work your way back down in a criss-cross pattern over the other strings.
  7. You can repeat this, working back up and down if you have more string. The tighter the better!
  8. Tie the two ends of the cord together at the base.
  9. Trim the edges if you’d like to make it look all nice and neat.
  10. Let your smudge stick dry for 7 to 10 days (or as long as necessary).

How Do I Use My Smudge Stick?

Before using your smudge stick, ensure that you set an intention. What do you want to accomplish? Why do you want to cleanse yourself, another person, or a particular space? Are you clearing out negative energy? Allowing more room for creativity? Make sure that you keep these wishes and intentions mind when smudging.

Because smudging is a ritual infused with meaning, set aside a time to smudge where you are not stressed (perhaps set aside some time to meditate first) or will not be bothered by others, maybe early in the morning or later in the evening!

Once you’ve decided on your intention, it’s time to light up your smudge stick! Use a match, lighter, or candle to light the tip of the smudge stick. Once the stick starts to flame up, blow it out. Walk around the space that you want to cleanse. Allow the smoke to wash away any stagnation or negativity. For safety and cleanliness, make sure that you have a dish or bowl to catch the cinders and ashes. When you have finished smudging, safely extinguish the smudge stick in a bowl of sand. This extinguishes it, but does not ruin it…so you can use it again! If you douse your stick in water, you may not be able to reuse your smudge stick.

Good luck using your smudge stick!


Check out our smudging items! Burn the sage and let its purifying aroma clear your home and sacred space and uplift you. Perfect to burn before spiritual practices and meditation.



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