I Discovered My Hidden Psychic Senses, And So Can You…

I Discovered My Hidden Psychic Senses, And So Can You

“Until you make the unconscious consciou, it will redirect your life and you will call it Fate ” – CARL JUNG

I grew up in an upper-middle-class family in India and if you know anything about Indians, when it comes to higher education most parents would just present you with 2 choices- Become a doctor or an engineer.

Like any other teenager at 17, I was confused with what life path I should choose and my parents just narrowed down the choices for me. None of them seemed interesting enough but engineering seemed to be a faster and easier option so I went on to become an electrical and electronics engineer. To this day, I have no idea what I learned in those 4 gruesome years. However, I was fortunate enough to get a job as an electrical engineer in a big Indian company. Later shifted to software and traveled to the US and settled- just like every other person. This was followed by a huge realization after 12 painful years that I was ‘existing’ instead of ‘living’, pretending to half enjoy my life with the paycheck I received every month. I lost my self on the way just by going with the flow and listening to everyone else but me.

This was never what I wanted. I was a dancer and artist. I loved to learn about the human mind, psychology, and why people do what they do. I wanted to help people suffering from mental pain. I wanted to bring meaning to my life and I was failing miserably. Working a 9-5 job was definitely not my calling and I was lost as to what my calling even was.

I knew I had to do something when I almost came very close to a mental breakdown and that’s how my journey started. I started reading every book that interests me and watched every video that caught my attention. I loved watching people read tarot cards and thought if they could look at tarot cards and give a sense of direction to someone, so could I!! I went on to learn how to read tarot cards and before long I started giving readings to people, which to my own surprise were spot on. I couldn’t believe my own predictions and how they were affecting people in a positive way.

I have come a long way since then. I am finally realizing my dream to help people with quantum healing and meditation and I couldn’t be happier.

Enhancing my psychic senses needed practice and I came across some fun ways to incorporate them in my daily life. We all have an inner voice that we sometimes call the gut feeling. Being a psychic does not have to be limited to well-known psychics. Each and every one of us has these psychic senses that at some point were overpowered by logic and common sense, and drowned under the voices outside of ourselves. As we continue to ignore them, they disappear into our subconscious mind.

The idea is to bring them back to our conscious minds to be heard. You could try one or two out of these or all of them and see the change for yourself. For all you know, this inner voice of yours will steer you to the right path and you might not have to wait for 12 years like me to understand that!

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Develop your psychic senses while:

  1. Playing Games: This can be done alone or with a bunch of friends. In a paper, write down numbers 1 to 10 and fold the sheet. Pick up a random piece, close your eyes, and tell the first number that comes to your mind. Don’t second guess it. You can even do this with your phone. Every time your phone buzzes or rings, guess who could be calling or texting before you look. You might not get it right the first few times but as you practice, you get better.
  2. Going on a vacation/taking a walk in nature: Look at the scenery around you and soak it in. Soak in the mountains or the beach, or if you are in a crowded place soak in the crowd. Close your eyes and try to recreate the scene in your mind’s eye. Include as many details and as many colors as possible. Try to recreate the sounds you heard and how the whole experience made you feel. This would strengthen your visualizing, hearing, and feeling senses all at the same time.
  3. Taking a sound sleep: Believe it or not, journaling your dreams first thing in the morning can really strengthen your psychic senses. When you write, you try to remember the events in your mind’s eye, recreating them screen by screen. Not very good at remembering dreams? Set an intention before you go to bed that you will remember your dream in the morning. It works wonders.
  4. Getting up in the morning: As soon as you open your eyes in the morning look around your room and notice everything you see. From the art on the walls to the pillow you are sleeping on. Do this for 30 seconds. Then close your eyes and hear every sound you can, trying to distinguish it for 30 seconds. Following this, just close your eyes for 30 seconds and take notice of all the emotions that come to you.
  5. Reading a magazine: While flipping through the pages of a magazine, take notice of the photos of a city/ scenery there. Look at everything possible. Then close your eyes and imagine yourself in that place and recreate the whole scene around you. What are you feeling? How is the temperature in the place? What your mood and what sounds can you hear? This will boost your clairvoyance (ability to see in your mind’s eye) very effectively.

I do really hope you found these tips helpful and easy to follow. Would love to hear your experiences with them!


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