3 Different Ways To Access Your Akashic Records…

3 Different Ways To Access Your Akashic Records

An Akashic Records Reading is a new type of reading that is becoming more popular and well-known. People are beginning to understand that Past Lives really do have an influence on our present lives. Through Akashic Records work, we can begin to clear karma, improve our relationships and connect more deeply with our intuition.

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Do I have to twist myself into a pretzel?

Sometimes, when we start a new spiritual practice, such as Yoga, there can be worries and concerns about what we may need to do to achieve our goals. With yoga, we might feel uncomfortable in the spandex and worry that we are not good enough. Beginning a new health regime, we may not be looking forward to lots of green drinks. And starting a new spiritual practice involving our internal world or intuition, we may wonder if we can even ‘do it’.

The good news – you have already accessed your Akashic Records

The good news when learning about your Akashic Records work is that there are many different ways to access your Akashic Records. In fact, you have probably been in and out of your Records many times without even realizing it.

This can happen when you…

  • visit a place you seem to recognize but don’t know why.
  • love making beaded jewelry but no-one in your family likes crafts.
  • meet someone who seems extremely familiar at first sight.

All of these occurrences can mean that you are connecting with the data trail that you leave in this life and other lives as you evolve as a soul.

Everyone has a set of Akashic Records, and you will have popped in and out many times as memories or emotions are triggered, even if you are not consciously aware of it as yet.

3 ways to consciously access your Akashic Records

  1. Ask for a symbol during meditation.
  2. Learn to work with your Akashic Guides.
  3. Use an Akashic Divination tool.

Next time you meditate or spend some quiet time, just ask your Akashic Guides for a symbol which is meaningful to you to remind you of your Akashic Energy. My symbol is the peacock feather.  I love the jewel colors and often see them when I am reading for clients. During your meditation, you may even see a location (such as a beautiful place), that could be a symbol also.

Your Akashic Guides

Unlike Spirit Guides, your Akashic Guides are more like data handlers. They are not there for advice, nor are they entities who have ever incarnated on Earth. What they do understand, however, is your frame of reference. So think of them as your personal energetic google window, decide what you want to put in there, and ask.

Use a divination tool?

Divination tools are items such as oracle cards, tarot cards, a crystal or a pendulum or even Runes. Divination tools can take the pressure off and quiet the ego because we have to focus on the action and stop thinking about whether we are doing it right, or not. I use a pendulum a lot during readings, and I also like the Akashic Tarot Oracle deck.

This is the Akashic Age, get started!

Let me know if you have any success with the above methods, or if you use different methods to access your Akashic Records.

In service and until next time.


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