There’s Only One Thing Better Than A Twin Flame…

There’s Only One Thing Better Than A Twin Flame

In a galaxy, far far away…one tiny Atom in a sea of dark space collides with another universe and our universe is in motion. Our Solar System, our Energy, and our Earth have been morphing for 14-billion years! From one tiny Atom, physicists know bundles of particles and antiparticles manifested out of the brilliant energy. The particles of energy are always produced as a pair.

Did you know the ancient Greeks knew of the Atom, but they couldn’t prove it? The matter and antimatter story could certainly mirror the creation stories of yesterday and Plato’s understanding; “It was their very essence that had been split in two, so each half missed its other half.”- Excerpt from Symposium

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The Twin Flame

For eons, the particles and antiparticles that make up a whole soul, have been traveling separately, wondering if they will ever meet again? When they finally do connect on earth, the world will witness the deepest most profound eternal love.

Soul Mates and Twin Flames

Soul Mates and Twin Flames are connections that were once esoteric, meaning only the few who were initiated into the deeper mysteries of life understood. The collective being uninitiated twisted the hidden meaning of soul mates and considers this connection to be an ordinary exoteric relationship. Now, the uninitiated are only concerned with the ultimate soul mate-the twin flame. The new bastardized version of Twin Flames is being popularized but exploited.

The esoteric wisdom of religion

Soul Mates and Twin Flames are connections of the soul. Collectively, we live and breathe by the ego. The ego is our masculine conscious mind, but the soul is contacted by what the Kabbalah (the esoteric wisdom of Judaism) calls the Shekhinah, the feminine. In Gnosticism, (the esoteric wisdom of Christianity) the spiritual wisdom of the feminine, Sophia is contained within the depth and silence. The soul can only be contacted by going within and opening your third eye.

The study of matter and energy-physics

Our rational mind relates to objects, and this correlates to the classical understanding of physics. Quantum physics conveys what is going on a deeper level. Life is just not about matter, there is more than meets the eye.

Quantum Entanglement is a phenomenon: when a pair or group of particles, interact by their shared quantum state; they cannot be thought of as separate from the other particles they are entangled with. Albert Einstein called this occurrence, “Spooky Action at a Distance.” Entanglement would correlate to the esoteric wisdom of soul groups and the twin flame. You are not separate from your soul group, and the soul closest to your whole soul is a very close soul mate. The new bastardized concept of having a false twin flame is really a karmic relationship.

A Close Soul Mate

A love only second to the Twin Flame is a very close soul mate. If you met a close soul mate, the intensity would knock your socks off. This very close soul and your soul are closely entangled. You will have similar lives, and you will know each other. There is only one other connection that is deeper, and that is the Twin Flame.

Your soul is connected with your soul group, you are all entangled and this very close soul mate is a love you have spent many lifetimes with and beyond together. However, it comes a point in your soul’s evolution, this close companion and your soul; have to evolve towards your soul’s counterpart-your twin flame. Soul Mates and Twin Flames have their origin in the creation of the universe. Soul Mates and Twin Flames are unconsciously entangled. When someone says, they met a false twin flame and they don’t have similar lives, and their third eye is not open; they met a karmic relationship.

Here are 3 tips to reiterate a false twin is really a karmic relationship:

  1. Your soul is not entangled with karmic relationships, your ego is. Your soul, not the ego is what connects you to your Soul Mates and your Twin Soul. A love only second to the twin flame is a very close soul mate. Understand the soul is not the ego.
  2. A very close soul mate blows any other relationship to the curb, except for the twin flame.
  3. On a soul level, there will be a sense of loss, when you know the time has come to change the dynamics between you, and your very close soul mate. Your souls know they need to move toward their counterpart-the Twin Flame.


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