5D Upgrade Guidebook To Cosmic Ascension…

5D Upgrade Guidebook To Cosmic Ascension

If you’re seriously into personal growth you have heard of the 4th or 5th Density or Dimension. But what it is and how do you get there? Here’s a hint it’s not a dimension.

Everything you’ve been told about advanced spirituality has been a lie. That’s because our human history and teachings of ancient wisdom have been intentionally twisted to keep us small, insecure, obedient and constantly bowing to a temple, leader or multitude of deities and gods. All of that is intentional manipulation of our amazingly and gloriously powerful souls that although timeless, are occupying these biological shells for brief moments in time.

In my previous article, “You are an Eternal Being, Occupying a Level 1 Shell on a Level 1 Planet,” I explain that these fast decaying biological shells that are chemically dependent are not our home. And neither is this planet. Both are Level 1 or bottom of the pile. In fact some call planet Earth Level 0, because of its extremely negative, oppressive and violent vibrational output. And who can blame them, however, I don’t believe in level zeros. I think it all starts with one.

Spiritual, Spiritually-Curious or Religious

Are you spiritual or spiritually-curious or religious? Doing yoga, knowing about chakras, incarnation or meditation does not make you spiritual. Neither does your choice of beverage or diet or that special hat that you wear or a type of skirt or facial hair. Spirituality is not about looking a certain way, wearing robes, following a trend, selling yourself short, limiting your experiences, being meek, passive, always high, having certain tattoos or pets. It certainly has nothing to do with being “good.” My mentor Rumi’s most popular quote is to rise above good and bad and light and dark. So all of that is about being spiritually-curious. And if you’re into lords, gods and deities and worshipping of statues and icons, you are religious.

What is Spirituality?

The real spiritual people are the true mystics, the rest of the spirituality movement is divided between spiritually-curious and the religious. There is only one reason for spirituality and that is freeing yourself from the bondage of constant rebirth on this Level 1 planet to much higher experiences (some call densities and dimensions). This elevation cannot be achieved if you lack motivation for exploring your full and unabashed potential. Almost all the information on so-called advanced spirituality has been twisted to keep you under control, because they intentionally place intermediaries between you and your experience and the universal energy. I call that slave mindset. You don’t want that.

Mystics’ core teaching to dedicated spiritualist is 3-fold: 1. This planet is a simulation or maya. 2. Attachments with this planet will keep you here. 3. Your only mission is to graduate from this Level 1 planet (and 3rd Density existence) to higher experiences.

3 Layers of Simulation

Let’s talk about simulation. There are at least 3 layers of simulation: 1. Dreams. 2. Life. 3. Afterlife. The first layer is super easy and we’re all familiar with it. 99% of the time you cannot tell a dream from reality, no matter how weird or illogical the situation. One reason for dream zone is to create a basic training ground for you to become more aware of the bigger simulation, meaning each night you seem to “live” in a dimension that feels real but it’s clearly not. In a way your mind and spirit try to guide you to understand how easy it is to be fooled by simulations. The second layer is this life, which seems totally real at all times. And the third layer of simulation is the afterlife, where you will be set up with an ideal hologram based on your vibration level, memories and desires to create reasons for you to return yet again to this Matrix Planet.

The 4th or 5th Density

If you’re seriously into personal growth, a dedicated spiritualist or a modern mystic you have heard of the 5th Density or Dimension as the next phase of our soul evolution. But what it is and how do you get there? Key element to absorb is that it’s not a dimension; it’s a vibrational or experiential level. The so-called 5D, or the 5th level of soul evolution experiential level is within the reach of all of you and it’s a state of mind or awareness. That means you can still live in our physical universe (preferably on Level 2 or 3 planets) but operate on the 5D awareness level. If you’re not occupying a physical body there are much less boundaries, except your own essence of course — it all points back to you.

The 5D upgrade is unrelated to how you dress, what you eat or drink, what you do and what phrases you repeat (or not) and if you follow an icon or deity. All of that is an intentional misdirection to keep you tied down to a limited mindset for as long as possible.

Be aware of people who try to own your spiritual growth or make it about them or their belief system. In my work I always try to guide you to pursue your own unique spark-free from all methods of control.

Upgrade Manual

So how do you graduate to the Soul Evolution Level 4 or 5 aka 5th Density? In my article on this site “12 Laws of Self-Realization” I set up a step-by-step guide to self-enlightenment and self-realization; both are pathways to full 5D awareness.

If your intentions are ascension and upgrade to higher realities then be less of these:

A phony. A follower. A yes person. Always wanting to blend in. Accepting anyone or anything as an intermediary between you, your higher destiny and the universal energy. Accepting mental and spiritual limits and boundaries put upon you by conventional teachings of any kind.

And do more of these:

Learn to become much more in tune with your wants and needs, without being too needy or annoying.

Be authentic. If you don’t know how, just be aware that there is a truth in you that’s dying to come out, it could be a unique talent, an odd skill, interesting motivation or thoughts or secret passion.

View this planet not so much from a simple right or wrong perspective, but try to step back and keep a bird’s eye view. Become an observer from a distant and engage when it feels right.

Protect your core. Be mindful of draining energies around you.

The process is all about self-discovery. Become much more aware of your spiritual development and how that changes you.

Learn to be self-focused and self-guided.

Look up my “12 Laws of Self-Realization” and see how many of the points mentioned you already posses.

I can go on. But the list will become too long and too confusing. The core message you’ll take from this article, if you so choose and if you are intrigued, is the term “Self-Realization” itself. The phrase self-realization is all encompassing. The realization is about the self, yourself and only you and this is the absolute toughest visualization for occupants of this planet due to thousands of years of programming.

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