Why Consciousness Is The Glue That Holds Our Reality Together…

Why Consciousness Is The Glue That Holds Our Reality Together

When you hear the word consciousness, the first thing that probably comes to mind is your thoughts. To be conscious is a mental faculty. But that doesn’t communicate its full meaning. It’s a part of the equation, but it doesn’t represent the whole picture.

Consciousness defies the categorization we like to place on most other things we encounter. It can’t be put into a box, because in many ways, it is the box that everything else is contained within. It’s a universal constant, a conduit, mind, and matter all rolled into one. How exactly do you go about defining something so all-encompassing of a concept such as this? You can’t. But you can examine certain qualities. The most intriguing of these is the role it plays in holding our reality together – that of an intelligent, thought-responsive force that accounts for 90% of the supposed empty space that exists in our universe.

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The space in between

This concept of the space in between things has been the source of intense speculation by mainstream science. There has been no official name given to it as such. But there have been numerous independent researchers who’ve christened it with different names such as the morphogenetic field, the quantum field, and the divine matrix, to name a few.

However, it’s not a new concept – and it’s definitely not an invention. The idea of a subtle force that unites all things is a discovery and one that’s been referenced by several cultures through history. Perhaps the most famous of these accounts is found within the creation story of the Hopi Indians. In it, they cite a deity called grandmother spider as the spinner of a web – creating consciousness – and giving life to all things.

Given its mention in folklore, it’s clear that the consciousness field, as we know it has existed for a very long time. Although it may be part of a belief system that doesn’t resonate with you, the fact these stories exist is quite telling. However, our modern science does somewhat fall in line with this thinking with their own narrative in the ‘big bang’. It may just be a theory, but there is a fair amount of supporting evidence that goes some way to making it credible. At the inception of our universe, all matter was condensed into an incomprehensible point of singularity. It was the densest of the densest of the dense. When it exploded, it created all known space and time both on the seen and unseen layers of our reality.

Scientific proof

Recent developments in quantum physics have gone some way to supporting the big bang. The most compelling of these is quantum entanglement. The basic premise says that once two particles have come into contact with each other, their behavior becomes interlinked. They remain forever connected. There have been multiple experiments that back up this assertion that examine the behavior of photons – quantum light particles.

In one experiment, scientists managed to split a single photon, creating two separate particles. They were then fired from one another in opposite directions. It was found that although the particles were physically separate at this point, they behaved identically, taking the same forks in the path they were fired down over a distance of 14 miles.

The experiment was repeated multiple times resulting in the same outcome. These findings couldn’t be written off as anomalous data, attributed to chance or any other variable. The two photons in question were still clearly linked to one another. They had to be communicating. However, the discovery that was truly ground-breaking was that for this to be the case, the signals between these two photons would have to be faster than the speed of light – a supposed universal constant. Their behavior was instantaneous, and so completely shattered our traditional laws of physics.

So how is this possible? The answer lies in the space between our visible reality. It’s that space in between the conduit of consciousness. “When the big bang happened, it didn’t occupy a part of space. It was space itself.” Consciousness is reality. It’s the matter and intelligent force that keeps everything entangled.

Connections everywhere

Everything is connected. If a photon can be split in two and still share a connection, then what about all of the matter that was blown out from the big bang? It all came from a point of singularity, meaning the same force is at play throughout our entire universe. It confirms that our reality taken as a whole is really one huge mass of sentience. In effect, it’s a super being of consciousness experiencing itself through trillions upon trillions of micro-interactions.

In the meta sense, consciousness is the force that binds the universe together. It’s the very fabric of our reality. But it’s also physicality itself since mind and matter are both parts of the same whole. There really is no division between the consciousness we perceive as intent and the world that we interact with using touch. Consciousness isn’t so much the glue that holds our reality together more so than it is reality itself.


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