How To Connect To Sacred Energy Wherever You Are…

How To Connect To Sacred Energy Wherever You Are

Are you feeling disconnected from your sacred energy? Or do you ever? This five-minute divine energy practice of opening shamanic sacred space can plug you back in, in a matter of moments. In our day-to-day lives, it’s all too easy to forget our true eternal natures and become caught up or entangled in the tasks or situations confronting us.

Anytime we are feeling adrift, we can connect back into Infinite Source Energy or Spirit, anytime. In fact, the truth is, we are never disconnected. Nevertheless, “the illusion” can make it feel this way. And so we can use this simple practice of opening sacred space, calling in our guides and connecting back into Spirit any time we wish. In Shamanism, the most ancient spiritual practice, there are four cardinal directions we honor: South, West, North, and East. These are incorporated into the Medicine Wheel, which is a map, or a technology, used for healing and transforming our deepest wounds into our most powerful medicine.

The work of the medicine wheel begins in the South, releasing what no longer serves us, and shedding our skin, just as a serpent does—all at once. The work of the West is about learning the ways of the luminous warrior, who stands impeccably in her truth and remembering our true eternal natures—the one who was never born and who will never die. In the North, we work to reconnect ourselves to our epic Soul’s Journey, retrieving lost soul parts which may have left our bodies during traumatizing events we’ve faced throughout our lifetimes. And finally, in the East, we reconnect to our visionary selves, our destinies, learning how to fly and soar just as Eagle does, to the highest of mountain tops that we would only dare to dream of.

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Opening Sacred Space

This practice can be done in your home, in your office, in a hotel room, a restaurant, a hospital, before a big event, before having a tough conversation at work or with a significant other. The truth is, is that this practice can be done anywhere. Creating an atmosphere of peace and protection.

In my healing and coaching practice, I work in sacred space with every client, opening and closing these directions for each individual, whether I see them in person or over the phone. Virtually everything I do, is within sacred space throughout the day, whether that be writing, connecting with friends, coaching over the phone, reading juicy consciousness raising content on the Internet, skimming the pages of a book, meditating, engaging in my spiritual practices, showering, whatever it is. I open sacred space every morning wherever I am traveling or staying, and then open and close again for each client I work with throughout the day.

As Shamans, we use rattles and typically Florida water (a cleansing and clearing spray) when opening sacred space, however, this is not necessary. Simply honoring and facing each direction and saying these words aloud opens the portal to these divine, etheric energies. Here is how to open your very own Sacred Space—shamanic style:

The South

Stand facing the South direction, with your palms honoring the sky and lifted above your head out in front of you. Say aloud, or to yourself, something along the lines of the following:

“To the Winds of the South: Great Serpent, Mother of Our Waters, come be with us. Come give us your medicine. Teach us how to release what no longer serves us, shedding our skin, just as you do—all at once. Teach us how to walk in beauty and belly to belly with Mother Earth. Aho”

The West

Now turn facing towards the West direction, and say:

“To the Winds of the West. Mother sister Jaguar, come prowl this medicine space and protect us. Come teach us the ways of the Luminous Warrior, who stands impeccably in her truth. You who know the ways and the maps beyond death, you who know our true eternal natures, the one who was never born and who will never die. Come teach us fearlessness. Come give us the courage to say what needs to be said, when it needs to be said. Aho!”

The North

Turn facing the North direction, saying:

“To the Winds of the North. Royal Hummingbird, the Great Journeyer, come be with us here today. You who reconnect us to our Epic Soul’s Journey. You who remind us that every step we take on this Journey is sacred. Come teach us to drink from only the finest and sweetest nectars in life. To the ancestors, the apus (the mountains), thank you for your medicine. For your wisdom. For your healing. Come be with us. Aho”

The East

Turn towards the East direction and say:

“To the Winds of the East. Eagle/Condor, come fly and be with this medicine space. You who reconnect us to our visionary selves—to our destinies—our destinies. You who flies high above the clouds and sees the bigger picture with great clarity, and yet still sees the finest, tiniest details. You who has wings and flies high above to the tippy tops of the mountains, that we would only dare to dream of. Come bring us your medicine. Aho!”

Mother Earth

Kneel on the ground, embracing Mother Earth with your hands, and saying:

“Pachamamita, Gaia, sweet sweet Mother. We come to you in great honor and great reverence. Thank you for all of the sustenance and abundance you provide your children. Thank you, sweet Mother, for all of our relations—the two leggeds, the four leggeds, the finned and the furred, the winged ones, the creepy crawlies, all of your children. Thank you for mulching all of the denser, heavier energies that are too great and too dense for us to process ourselves. Thank you for holding this medicine space on your belly. Thank you, thank you, thank you, sweet Mother. Aho”

Father Sky

Standing tall to the sky with your arms and hands raised high, say the following:

“Father Sky, Spirit, Source, Great Creator, the Infinite One, the Universe: You who are known by a thousand names, and yet you who are the unnamable one. Please allow Infinite Source Energy to flow through me now—today, tonight, and always.  To our star brothers and star sisters, of all the star nations, thank you for being with us. Father Sky, Grandmother moon, thank you for your medicines. To all guides, angels, ascended masters, benevolent luminous beings, come be with this medicine space now. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Aho!”

And with that, you can breathe with ease and grace, feeling supported by all of co-creation and the Infinite presence of love and light around you in every moment.

Closing Space

If you wish to close sacred space, the process is the same: starting in the south and ending in the east, along with honoring Mother Earth and Father Sky. To close space, you are simply thanking the directions, guides, archetypes and spirits of each direction, for being present with you.

As an aside, “aho” (pronounced “ah-ho!”) essentially means “amen” or “thank you” and yet is more than a mere expression of gratitude—holding a deeper, more significant meaning communicating to the person, “I see you, all of you, and I am present for you”.

For an example of opening sacred space, below is a video of a mentor and dear friend of mine, Marcela Lobos. Marcela is a medicine woman and shaman, married to Dr. Alberto Villoldo, founder of the Four Winds Society, the world’s most renowned school of energy medicine.


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