The Most Common Myth About Spirituality…

The Most Common Myth About Spirituality

Before I get into the most common myth about Spirituality and why people are reluctant to embrace this path, I want to tell you that until about a few years ago, I was one of them. As a young boy, I remember putting most of my attention and focus on the last needed place. Today, it’s a different story. And a better one; a more peaceful one.

It is my belief that God and divinity are way cooler concepts than we men can fathom. Should we ever realize how huge they are, we wouldn’t have a problem in embracing this beautiful path for living an enhanced life. Isn’t that the goal anyway? To live fully in every moment. The problem is most people either don’t know what spirituality is, or know it wrong. While it’s a subject that one could talk about forever, let me put it across in simple crude words – it is that missing thing in everyone’s life. No matter what we do and how successful we are, don’t we always feel that something is missing? That something missing is Spirituality – the quest of the spirit to realize its existence – its full potential.

It is not religion, it is definitely not just rituals. It is just something within us telling us that we are MORE, MUCH MORE than whatever is going on in our lives at any point in time.

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There are a Lot of Rules

I think one of the biggest reasons why many of us reject spirituality is that we believe it clips our wings and puts chains around our dreams. Most people find it destructive and very binding. Don’t eat non-vegetarian; don’t drink; don’t smoke; don’t do drugs; don’t fool around; don’t have sex, and the list goes on. I was an idiotic rebel too. The mistake we commit as parents and elders is forcing things down on our child’s throats like diktats. No one tells us that you don’t HAVE TO give these up, but it is ideal that you SHOULD. There is no rule.

Spirituality is the biggest addiction of all. Once we discover the benefits and the joys of meditation, no alcohol will give that high and no drug will match up to it. As for non-vegetarian food – the idea is that for our body and mind to grow spiritually, vegetarian food is the most conducive. As simple as that.

The Biggest Rule is that there is No Rule!

The only thing we really need to do is to MEDITATE with discipline. The rest comes naturally. No one needs to absolutely GIVE UP anything. If we bother to take time to go through spiritual literature, most of them very scientifically explain what takes us ahead on the path and what slows us down. And then it’s mostly our call as to what we want to do with that knowledge! For instance, I have seen so many deeply devotional people who still prefer to eat eggs and occasionally indulge in a non-vegetarian diet as well. And it’s okay! Our habits take time to go. A spiritual path just gives us the resilience to fight our own strong tendencies.

Contrary to popular methods of forcing ideas down the throat, true spiritual leaders will actually tell people the “whys” behind any action they are supposed to take. And there is full freedom to question these whys. Unless you are convinced, you don’t have to follow a single thing. Sadly, most families, homes, parents and schools of thought don’t function this way! As a motivational speaker, I can vouch for this. Spirituality is cool, because it means we are embarking on the journey of knowing our own self, the universe and everything beyond. It is the most difficult, yet the easiest journey. How can it not be cool?

All it requires is an open mind. I know that years of conditioning has made us confuse spirituality with religion, rigidity, rules, and regulations. We often see it as a mix of rituals and extremes because no one told us otherwise. Remember, be it religion, spirituality, God or any other idea, we are allowed to ask questions and accept it only when we are convinced. Or else, these will all be assumptions. And if we are accepting assumptions to be true, and myths to be finalities – then we are definitely making an ass out of ourselves!

Try not to do that! 🙂


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