Coming Out As A Lightworker…

Coming Out As A Lightworker

Acknowledging your differences and embracing your natural gifts may have taken you many years. You probably felt different to your friends from a very young age but at some point (probably during teenage years or living in certain areas) you may have felt an enormous pressure to fit into society’s structures and social norms.

And today, you’ve ended up here. You’ve done the research, read the books and now know, beyond any doubt, that you’re a lightworker. But, you’re still afraid to come out and show the world who you really are. You’re here to serve a purpose and know you’re destined to help others see differently, heal or create change. You have a deep sense of compassion and natural healing powers. You radiate a very special kind of energy that people are drawn to and are highly sensitive to the energy, moods, and words of others.

I totally understand how you’re feeling right now so I want to share the mindset shifts and lifestyle changes that I learned on my journey to coming out as an Intuitive Soul Coach.

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A great leader must lead by example

If you want to create change in the world and see others making a difference, then you must be prepared to step up and be the leader. It’s the opportunity for you to create change in your own life and break down some barriers so others can feel empowered and free to follow suit. Once you stand up and live a more authentic life, then you’ll meet others along the way who want the same things and hold the same values. Together you’ll achieve so much more and inspire others to become leaders too.

Stop hiding your light

You’ve accepted and embraced your lightworking abilities, now it’s time to share your passion so others can benefit from your beautiful light. Many lightworkers start out by switching from a corporate career to something like health coaching or massage therapies, before starting to add in the more spiritual elements of their practice. If giving up the safety and security of a full-time job isn’t right for you at the moment, then look into joining spiritual groups or sharing your skills as a side job in the online world.

Stop projecting a false image

It’s time you showed the world who you really are. We acquire these images and personas along our life journey as a way of keeping us safe from the rejection or ridicule of society. But, ultimately, which is going to give you the most fulfilling life? Hiding behind a façade steeped in lies or opening your arms wide to the sky and shouting ‘this is me!’? The longer you stay hidden, the harder it will be to untangle your way back out.

Your soul calling shouldn’t be hard work

Now, I’m not for a moment suggesting that running your own business is easy – it’s not! But the actual soul work you do with individual clients, families or groups should feel easy and leave you buzzing with joy. Talking about what you do should not only give you butterflies but will also bring about excitement and enthusiasm in others.

Do what makes your heart sing

Even if you’re not ready to live your whole life around your soul purpose, start by spending more time just doing the things you love and enjoy. Want to learn crystal healing? Sign up for a course. Want to offer tarot card readings? Set up a regular Facebook live video session and read for each of your viewers. Want to stop eating meat? Use the wealth of online resources to design a new plant-based/vegan diet that is appropriate for your health and lifestyle.

Now is the time for you to join the rising wave of lightworkers around the world. All you have to do is trust in yourself and follow your heart. Anytime you feel like you’re falling, reach out for support and guidance. We’ve got you.


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