5 Powerful Ways To Clear Negative Energy…

5 Powerful Ways To Clear Negative Energy

The other day I came home to an eerie feeling I’ll attempt to describe. It was as if there was a dark thickness in the air and it made me feel sluggish and tired. I was tempted to lie down in my bed, but I knew just what to do.

It was time for an energetic clearing.

I’ll admit it had been a few days since I had thoroughly cleaned my home and it was apparent that the energy was no longer flowing properly. Maybe you’ve had this experience before. Either you notice you’re feeling a bit ‘off’ or that you can’t seem to accomplish simple tasks in your home. This, my dear, is a case of negative or blocked energy accumulating in your home. Thankfully, there are some tried and true ways to clear your space and bring back the love and a good flow of qi to your sacred space! Some of these rituals have been used for thousands of years to clear negative energy and restore positive vibes all around.

Mantra Meditation with Mala Beads

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Ever heard the expression, “As above, so below and as within, so without”? When you’re feeling down in the dumps or when your emotional state is out of whack due to work, relationship problems, overall stress or anything else, chances are it will reflect in your physical reality. Your home may not be as tidy or your house may not be feeling quite like a … well … home. Ask yourself how you’re feeling and what the root cause of your suffering is. Try a simple mantra meditation like ‘so hum’ or even ‘aum.’ Every time you say the sound in your mind, move to the next bead. Next thing you know you’ll have said your mantra 108 times! If your mind wanders or thoughts arise, no worries! Simply come back to your mantra.

Burn some Sage (Smudge)

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One of my top go-to faves for clearing out energy is smudging or burning sage. Native American’s were known to use sage for all kinds of purposes such as healing, clearing space and sacred ceremonies. Burning sage is a quick way to kick bad vibes out of the atmosphere. Even studies show how burning sage can obliterate harmful germs in the air.

Sound Therapy with Singing Bowls

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Playing singing bowls are a great way to disperse negative energy. They’re commonly used during yoga practice, as music therapy and sound healing and various religious ceremonies. In the Buddhist tradition, singing bowls are played in the beginning and end of silent meditations. The sound that emanates from the bowl with just a slight strike and pressure around in a circular motion with a mallet helps to induce a meditative state.

Create a Crystal Grid

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Crystals have a powerful impact on our body-mind. When placed around the home or even on the body, they have various healing effects; one of them being clearing negative energy. Make sure your crystals are cleansed (by submerging them in salt for a while or running them under cold water) and charged (by either placing them in the sun or in the light of the moon, depending on the stone). Lastly, it’s time to get creative. Use whichever crystals call to you and place them either in the corners of your rooms or in a mandala shape, like the picture above.

Use a Prayer Wheel

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Prayer is a beautiful way to restore balance, set the intention to clear negative energy and bring in some positivity. The prayer wheel was inspired by the concept of Buddha’s teaching – turning the wheel of dharma. Dharma, meaning the laws of the universe. It’s believed that when the wheel is spun, the practitioner is gaining wisdom and destroying negative karma, and therefore progressing along the spiritual path. I’ve also heard the theory that spinning the wheel sends your prayers up to the heavens. How sweet!

Do you have a great way to clear negative energy? I’d love to hear about it below in the comments!


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