Chakras 101: The Womb…

Chakras 101: The Womb

This is the second of seven articles relating to the seven main chakras or vortices of energy which lie two to three inches above the physical body. Chakras are the energetic portals that feed and send information to our luminous energy fields (or LEF).

The Second Main Energy Center: the Sacral Chakra

  • Location on the body: About four fingers below the belly button
  • Vibrational Frequency/Color: Orange
  • Purpose: Metabolizes energy nutrients in the Luminous Body or luminous energy field, and when it is functioning correctly, this chakra processes all the negative emotions—such as anger, pain, sadness and fear–and expels them through the first chakra.
  • Instinct: Sexuality, passion
  • Imbalanced Attributes: Need to control others; misuse of power; emotional or sexual abuse issues; fighting, bravado and posturing; bullying and cowardice.
  • Balanced Attributes: Power, sex, passion, self-esteem. This is the center of erotic love, passion, intimacy and creativity.
  • Organs/Glands: The bladder and kidneys, the ovaries and reproductive systems.
  • Archetypal seeds: The Jaguar

In Shamanism, mother sister Jaguar, or Otorongo (in quechua), calls the Sacral Chakra or womb space home. Jaguar energy is all about fearlessness. Jaguar knows the maps beyond death, guiding us to our true eternal nature—the one who was never born and who will never die.

Jaguar medicine teaches us the ways of luminous warrior, who stands impeccably in her truth. Giving us the courage to say what needs to be said, when it needs to be said. Becoming familiar with these vortices of energy and communing with them on a daily basis, collecting tools to clear and combust the negative energies accumulating within them, is not only a powerful but necessary step in beginning and continuing the self-healing process.


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