Busting 5 Common Misconceptions About Tantra Yoga…

Busting 5 Common Misconceptions About Tantra Yoga

The one thing that comes to people’s mind when they hear about tantra yoga is sex. And while it’s true that this form of yoga helps people improve their sex lives but this is simply because it helps people get in touch with their physical bodies and internal energies. Tantra yoga works on one’s subtle energies to enhance physical well-being and spiritual growth. By exploring these energies, people are able to understand their bodies better, and this makes it easy for them to enjoy sex with their partners.

Even with its amazing benefits, there are still some misconceptions around this form of yoga and this article tries to highlight them to try and end the negativity and to encourage more people to practice tantra yoga.

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1) Tantra is a cult

Most of the time, when people don’t understand something, they are quick to negatively label it as a taboo. This is also the case with tantra. Therefore many people avoid those who practice tantra yoga not knowing that they are living their best lives as a result of the physical and emotional awakening that tantra yoga brings about. This misconception is preventing people from becoming better versions of themselves and improving their relationships with others. There are so many mind-blowing benefits!

2) Tantra yoga promotes casual sex

By creating a harmony between the physical and emotional being, it is easier for those who practice tantra yoga to enjoy great sex with their partners. Tantra yoga purists are in-tune with their sexual energies and this makes it easy for them to enjoy sex. This, however, does not mean that those who practice yoga are casually having sex with everyone they come across or that they are open to casual sex. Casual sex is a purely physical activity, and since tantra yoga advocates for the merger of the physical and emotional bodies, it is difficult for tantra yoga purists to engage in this form of sex. Tantra yoga’s ability to make people vulnerable so as to make it easy for them to connect emotionally, physically, and spiritually makes sex more meaningful than casual.

3) Tantra yoga advocates for marathon sex

Tantra yoga teaches people how to last longer in bed but the ultimate goal of this form of yoga is not marathon sex. The breath and stamina support exercises help individuals control their sexual desires for longer sex periods but the goal here is not the time people spend having sex but the pleasure derived from the sexual exercise. Most sex only connects people in the physical frame but tantra yoga makes participants more conscious of their partner’s sexual feelings and desires and this allows them to go the distance so as to ensure maximum satisfaction for all the parties involved. In fact, those who practice tantra yoga can have a quickie as well as marathon sex sessions with the goal being maximum sexual satisfaction. Tantra has trained them to ease into moments of sexual pleasure rather than rushing into them.

4) You need a partner to practice tantra yoga

The association of tantra with sex has made people believe that you need a partner to practice this form of yoga but the truth is that tantra isn’t just about the physical sexual act. The main idea behind tantra yoga is to cultivate one’s sexual energy so as to make it easy for him or her to deliver an amazing sexual experience when with a partner. Tantra yoga teaches individuals how to understand their bodies through deep breathing, awareness, and relaxation practices and this is what contributes to great sexual experiences in the long run. Everyone has a bulb of sexual energy within them and tantra yoga teaches people how to switch this bulb for an elevated sexual experience. By teaching people how to initiate their sexual energies, it is easier to transmit the tantric energy to their partners for a fulfilling sexual experience.

5) Tantra is too spiritual

Of course, tantra yoga helps people connect their emotional beings to their physical selves but this does not make it spiritual. The techniques and practices are not mystical or unattainable and anyone can practice tantra yoga and improve themselves and their sex lives. Tantra is all about understanding that sex is one of the most natural things in the world that we can all experience. It teaches people how to liberate themselves sexually by merging their bodies, mind, and soul for them to enjoy this sacred exercise.


Tantra yoga is a unique form of yoga that helps people become better sexual beings. Tantra believes that sex is sacred and the practices around it are aimed at making people understand their sexual energies for a better sexual experience. However, there are misconceptions around this form of yoga and we have highlighted a few of them so as to end the negativity surrounding tantra yoga.


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