5 Steps To Boost Your Intuitive Power With Tarot, One Card At A Time…

5 Steps To Boost Your Intuitive Power With Tarot, One Card At A Time

Everyone is born with intuition. Everyone! But it may have been trained out of you early on. We’re told to think things through and be practical. Very seldom does anyone say, “how do you feel about that?”

Using tarot cards is a fun and easy way to get back in touch with this amazing gift! Give it a try! I have several decks, so my first step is to pick one I already have. I do this each morning to get a feel for what kind of day is coming up.

My daily tarot routine

  1. Choose a deck with artwork that appeals to you. There is no “right” deck. It’s all about finding one that you like. That’s why there are SO MANY to choose from! Look at pictures of the cards online or in a store and get the one that feels good to you.
  2. Before you begin, become as neutral as possible. If you’re anxious, your energy will be jumbled and the reading will not be as clear. Be open-minded! There is no place for judgement in tarot, even if you draw that card. Stay open and curious.
  3. When asking a question, try to avoid looking for a Yes or No answer. Better to ask about the energy around a situation, or what your next best step might be. Or simply, what do I need to know about this? Each morning, I ask what I need to know about this day. Think about the question while you shuffle your cards. Then either pick from the top of the deck or spread them out and choose the one that calls you.
  4. Look at the card. Notice which parts of the image you’re drawn to. Pay attention to any words or images that come to your mind. This is where your intuition is guiding you! Don’t overthink it! Just notice, listen, and be curious. What do you feel? Nervous, excited, calm, or sad? Is there something in the image that suggests an action you can take?
  5. Write down your impression! This is where the magic really happens. Record your thoughts, feelings, and intention regarding the card you’ve drawn. Read the little book that came with your deck if you feel you need extra info, but only after you’ve listened to your own intuition first. Not quite clear? No problem! Draw another card for extra info and clarity.

Doing this each day is a simple and fun way to build upon your innate, intuitive guidance system. Once you get the hang of it, and learn to trust yourself, you’ll be amazed at the insights that are available to you! Have fun!


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