6 Amazing Benefits Of Feng Shui…

6 Amazing Benefits Of Feng Shui

When someone starts to make improvements in their life, they often focus on their own personal energy, such as making physical shifts to their diet, changing their mindset, or working with more conscious practices such as yoga or meditation. Often, these changes stop with the physical body and don’t translate into other areas, such as their homes. This is where Feng Shui comes in.

So what exactly IS Feng Shui? Feng Shui translates to ‘Wind’ (Feng) and ‘Water’ (Shui) and is associated with currents of energy. Everything in this world is made up of energy, and Feng Shui works with the natural flow of universal chi to help achieve harmony with this energy in our spaces. It has been practiced for over 6,000 years, originating from Daoist beliefs. Many people have enhanced and improved their lives with the aid of Feng Shui. The benefits and possibilities are endless, as our homes are a reflection on our own personal energy. Whatever it is you’re seeking from the universe, Feng Shui can be a beneficial tool to help align you with your goals.

So what ways can Feng Shui help? Here are some common benefits of this metaphysical art:

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1) Relationships

Relationships of all kind can be improved through Feng Shui. Whether it is a single personal attracting a partner, or enhancing an already existing relationship, focus on the relationship corner of your space. A first step towards love is making your space presentable to another person. Have things in pairs, especially in the bedroom, such as two nightstands at your bed, giving this energy a space to reside.

2) Overall Wellbeing

The health corner is an important area to focus on, as well as the bedroom. The first step to good healthy Feng Shui is through a peaceful bedroom. Blackout curtains, a comfy mattress and other items that help you maintain a peaceful and well-rested sleep are important.

3) Success

Many businesses, such as Disney and Nike use Feng Shui for financial and business success. Focusing on the prosperity corner of your space through personal cures, your own personal Kau number, and prosperous direction.

4) Clearing Bad Energy

House clearings are also done with Feng Shui, removing unwanted energies from the space so that your own chi can flourish. Negative energies tend to lower the vibrations of a space, inhibiting us from fully benefiting from what positive energy could be utilized. These could be stale energies from a previous fight, or spirits still imprinting on your space.

5) Protection

Just as Feng Shui can increase good energy, it can also be used in stopping and protecting the home from negative energies that can cause bad luck and harm. When protecting the home using Feng Shui, it is important to focus on the front door and any other points of entry, paying attention to how the energy flows into your home and what cures you can place to help protect your space.

6) Align More with Higher Self

When the energies in our space harmonize with our own chi, we are more frequently attune to the universal flow of energy, raising our own vibrations so that we can align to our true selves and unlock our full potential. It is important to have a space in your home dedicated towards spiritual practices, whether it be a meditation corner or an altar.


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