3 Benefits Of Learning From A Mystic…

3 Benefits Of Learning From A Mystic

These days many people benefit from wisdom-teachings that focus on mindfulness. There is also the great mainstream popularity of self-help.

But now I wish to step back and observe the ways our contemporary approach to self-help frames the human condition. What words do we use to describe our experience? A Google Ngram search yields popular terms like anxiety, depression, insomnia, addiction, fear, anger, violence, and loneliness. These oft-used terms describe people’s experience of their journey, and it is mostly limited to the psychological dimension. Observation of the contemporary trends in describing the journey into personal growth reveals a strong focus on improving mental health.

So, I find myself wondering what our approach would look like, or sound like if we also focus on selfless help. I often wish that instead of so much focus on mental health, there could also be a deep focus on mystical health.

As a spiritual seeker, I once looked deep into my heart and asked the universe to guide me to a good source, guide me to a true teacher who could reveal ways in which I might joyfully dive into mystical dimensions and experience the true potentials of consciousness. The universe led me to Yogi Amandeep. Three benefits I have enjoyed from welcoming this mystic into my life include joy, gratitude, and miracles.

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The joy of Transcending the Mind

I first encountered Yogi Amandeep at a yoga festival in Joshua Tree in 2016. In that powerful class, he guided us through an experience in which we felt safe to have a psychological death. That “death” released me from oppressive thought patterns that had become a bad habit. This experience revealed to me that those thoughts were not me and were not real. I learned that the thoughts my mind often gets obsessed with were not worth the attention I was giving them.

After that liberating experience, I longed to sit with this teacher.

So, I purchased his mantra album, The Chants of Baba Siri Chand: Volume Two.

I listened and chanted along to that album while I practiced yoga kriya and meditation. I listened to that album while I drove my car or folded laundry or washed dishes. I even listened to that album while I slept. I admit that I let that sound current possess me. But when my heart was filling with so much cosmic laughter, I allowed the possession its full expression until the joyful feeling became my routine.

Eventually, Yogi Amandeep’s way of carrying and projecting the sacred sound current connected me to my mystical self. This filled me with joy.


Gratitude for Living in the Yogic Space

In Fall 2017, I completed Yogi Amandeep’s Making of a Yogi program in the Himalayas. In that program, we meditated in temples and caves and by rivers where yoga took birth in ancient times. We bowed our foreheads to the Earth to thank the mountains for the sagacious wisdom they’ve inspired throughout the ages. This was a journey to appreciate ancient and esoteric yoga teachings. This journey has had a lasting impact; it’s woven a depth of gratitude into my being. These days I feel that I am wearing my gratitude like it is an elegant ball gown. I walk through the world feeling radiant and graceful simply because I am authentically grateful.

Here is an example of an esoteric teaching Yogi Amandeep offers: Recognize what it is like to remain steady in awakened consciousness, even while your physical body sleeps and your mind dreams. Yogi Amandeep knows how to introduce seekers to this dimension of consciousness. And his teachings show how the reach of consciousness extends into the cave of the Third Eye and into the Temple of the heart. The esoteric teachings have guided me to live in this yogic space every moment of my existence. I feel grateful that finally, I have found that true teacher who offers seekers an opportunity to go into the deep, esoteric dimensions of spiritual adventure.


The miracle of Relying on the Presence of Timeless Sages

Yogi Amandeep is one of a kind. He is a disciple of Yogi Bhajan, and he holds a unique flame. This flame is secret knowledge. This flame gets passed through the Udasi tradition of yoga master Baba Siri Chand and the Nirmala Sikh tradition of Guru Gobind Singh. Even if these sages’ names mean nothing to you, just reading their names or regarding their names for a moment will bring you benefit. And if you need help, feel free to call on them. These rishis and yogis are available to guide us always. It’s simple.

The miracle and secret to clarified consciousness are within its simplicity. Likewise, just sitting in Yogi Amandeep’s presence, any average person can feel at ease, prosperous, healthy, wealthy, graceful, and divine. Now, when students come to my yoga classes and start to explain their struggle in terms of mental health, I try to redirect their focus away from the thoughts in their head. Focus on the energy in the spine. Follow that energy beyond all perceived limits.

For those seeking self-help, I suggest connecting with this teacher who offers help beyond self. Here is a chance to experience what it means to dissolve the mind, which means dissolving the challenges of mental health; instead, dwell in the vast space of your compassionate heart, the way into creative consciousness. Once you’ve received this gift, feel at ease to contemplate all the seekers who have made the journey out of the mind and into the heart… Wow, that is a miracle to behold!


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