Beginners Guide To Palm Reading…

Beginners Guide To Palm Reading

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Palm reading is an art of decoding the lines on the palms of the hands. It involves reading the palm lines like a map, connecting all lines and symbols to arrive at an interpretation about the nature, energy, and destiny of a person.

Palm reading is a science that is said to have originated in ancient India and later on spread to other parts of the world. The actual purpose of palm reading is not just fortune-telling, but to know about the karma or actions a person is likely to create and experience in a lifetime. When coupled with intense practices of meditation and karma healing, one is empowered to steer themselves to a better life based on the interpretations of palm reading.

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The function of Palmistry

Palm lines are actually a reflection of our brain conditioning, shaped through various life experiences, genetics, feelings & emotions. Our future is never written in stone. It shifts depending on our actions, will power, and intentions. Palm lines show changes whenever one undergoes deep inner transformations, with the addition of new symbols or lines or fine changes to existing lines.

How does palm reading work?

Scientifically, it has been found that there is a direct connection between hand lines and the nervous system. The brain is the control unit of the nervous system, and hence your palm lines directly represent your mental, emotional and psychological characteristics. Hence your palm lines are like a map of your personality, energy levels, and belief system.

Benefits of Palm Reading

Palm Reading not just reveals the past or depicts the future, but more importantly, helps resolve one’s issues. The main benefit of palm reading is so that there is greater awareness on what areas to focus on for transformation and healing. Using palm reading, one can come to know the karmic occurrences slated in one’s life. Together with samadhi (transcendence) meditation and karma healing, one can resolve any issue in life, which will also help create new positive lines and even change the existing negative lines/symbols to positive ones.

Palm reading is like a treasure hunt map-reading which is very interesting. One needs to be trained to read the whole palm like a map so as to give a conclusive reading that genuinely gives guidance to an individual.

Types of hands

The shape of the palm and fingers indicate various characteristics about a person. For example, short and stubble fingers denote an impulsive personality whereas long and thin fingers indicate a sensitive personality.

The thumb is an important feature in every individual as well. When the thumb bends backward easily, it depicts a flexible personality, whereas, when the thumb is stiff and does not bend backward, it depicts a stubborn nature. The length of each finger also denotes a particular characteristic, studied in detail by palmistry practitioners.

The hand used for writing is primarily read to decode how a person is. For a right-handed person, the right hand would show the current life they are creating. The left hand for such a person would describe the past. The same applies vice-versa, i.e. in the case of a left-handed person. The main active hand of a person is read to give an analysis of the present.

Hand lines in Palmistry

There are several lines on the palm, but the major lines are – Lifeline, Heartline, Headline, and Fate Line. There are a total of about 12 kinds of lines on a person’s palm. The other minor lines which hold a lot of significance are marriage/affection line, health line, fame line, rising line, and travel lines.

The nature and interpretation of each of these are studied in detail from teachers in this field.

Palm reading for men

Many people tend to think that for males, the left hand is read as it represents what destiny they are born with. However, gender has nothing to do with the nature of palm lines. The active hand of the person gives an accurate understanding of the person’s current life.

Palm reading for females

Some people say that for a woman, the right hand is to be read. This is not true. Instead, characteristics are revealed through the dominant hand. Gender plays no role here.

Are palm readings accurate?

Over years of studies, hand lines have been observed and validated with actual incidents in life which have proven the accuracy of palm lines. This is why palm reading has been used as a tool for ages to provide guidance on the course of life.

Can palm reading predict the future?

Yes, it gives insights on the nature of life at various time periods; however, minor lines can always change with changes a person undergoes.


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