The Real Power Of Prayer: Becoming Present And Open…

The Real Power Of Prayer: Becoming Present And Open

I’ve been recently discovering how prayer practice connects me with ALL and gives me grounding. I didn’t expect such magical effects — I feel calm and in peace with those new ways of praying and I notice changes in my life so subtle but so beautiful that I wanted to share my experience. Usually, my prayer practice is about thanking the Universe in the moments when I feel deep gratitude. It is when I feel so connected and grateful in that certain moment that I give thanks for being lucky and abundant.

Now I am discovering ways to pray that bring me to that state of presence and gratitude. The idea is to get yourself in the state of connection with your center, get into the state when everything is all right and anything is possible. When you find yourself in a silent moment notice what there is in your life that you appreciate and thank the Universe for it. If you feel hurt – say HELP ME (Hello Eternal Loving Presence) to feel that you are not alone. When you find yourself in a difficult situation say softly “I let it be, I open, I am being loved, all is already perfect” or your own version of it. This will sustain you and from there on you will be able to act with less stress and more grace.

I think it’s best if you try it for yourself if you feel it resonating. What I feel now is that it’s enough to just say the words that I have found work for myself many years ago: “I let go…” Repeat it a few times allowing it to ground you. When you practice this throughout the day, a few days in a row, you might feel what I feel: it becomes easier to let go of irritations and deceptions, you start dwelling in what there is, you feel more accepting and calm.

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Forgiving to Expand

The next step can become forgiveness: forgiving yourself and others, taking steps to acknowledging deep in you hear that there is no guilt in anyone´s action. There are many tools that explain that — the one I feel passionate about and keep recommending is Radical Forgiveness. This approach tells that it is all part of a plan for your soul and those around us heal us, so no one is really doing any wrong. It can be difficult to comprehend in the mind’s eye, but once you feel it with your heart you will stop victimizing yourself and will each time move into a deeper state of freedom.

Close your eyes and feel that anyone who ever harmed you did so because of their own pain and confusion. And so did you. Take a moment, allowing space to maybe make a step towards forgiveness. If you are not ready by saying something like “I am willing to forgive myself or another”. You can allow whatever comes to be in that moment and you will create your own prayers that will serve you for a certain period.

Observing and Being Aware

Just ‘be’ and open up. Talk to the Universe or God (whatever name you use) and from that space of opening up dwell in love and talk to that higher Consciousness. Notice beautiful moments throughout the day and feel gratitude for those precious moments. The more you find yourself in the state of observing your emotions, taking time to feel grateful, the more beautiful your days will become. There will be harsh moments, too. Those that shake you up and bring back painful memories of the past – those that you can now transform into love by forgiving and letting it be just the way it is.

Create your own simple prayers that will be with you every day, like “Today my attitude is gratitude”, “The Universe cares for me”, “I see the soul in every being” or the simple “I am”. Say it when you remember it and feel with your heart. These little prayers help you grow, transform, and be more centered, leaving you with a feeling of being taken care of.


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