The Top 3 Benefits Of Silence In Our Everyday Lives…

The Top 3 Benefits Of Silence In Our Everyday Lives

“Listen to silence. It has so much to say” – Rumi

Silence is the state of stillness and solitude that reaches the depths of our soul. It enables us to quiet the mind, connect with our heart, and embrace the present moment.  The power of infinite silence provides stability, clarity, and heightens our awareness. Whether it’s a gentle pause, temporary interruption, or cessation of undesirable thoughts, we can discipline ourselves to take respites and mental breaks from annoying events, outer distractions, and the busy-ness of daily life. William Penn quotes, “True silence  is the rest of the mind, it is to the spirit what sleep is to the body, nourishment and refreshment”. Whether it’s a short or longer span of time, the gift of silence is always available when the need arises with long term benefits. Through silence, you discover your true self, enrich your relationships, and deepen your connection with the world.

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Discover your true self

Silence is our source of strength; and good for the body, mind and soul. This innate and accessible power enables us to discover more about ourselves and the truth of who we really are. Through heightened self-awareness, we connect to our natural state of being which is divine love. When we are at peace and the mind at rest, we access a wealth of knowledge and information. We realize our heart’s desires and passions that spark our interest for learning, sharing and giving. Lao Tzu quotes, “Empty yourself of everything. Let the mind be at peace”. Returning to the source of stillness gives us a sense of freedom, releases us from being consumed with endless thoughts, and provides the space for well needed rejuvenation and restoration.

As we tap into silence, we gain wisdom and intuitive decisions are revealed. As we become quiet within, we relieve ourselves from the stressors of life. We attend to our physical body, recognize when we are in dis-ease mode, and choose viable avenues to maximize healing and overall well-being. You can be silent wherever you are. Whether in a room alone or with others, you can spiritually connect with your inner self. Sitting quietly, listening to soothing music, hiking, biking, walking or whatever brings you peace, can immediately take you out of stress and anxiety into peace and calm. Take the time to breathe deeply and follow your breath. Our breath is the gift of life and we should regard it as such. Ultimately, silence brings us in balance and harmony with ourselves.

Enrich your relationships

The inherent  wisdom of silence enhances our capacity for self-discipline and self-control. The power of silence has an eloquent and sophisticated quality that are marks of self-love and self-care. It enhances communication, preserves our energy,  and enables us to cultivate wholehearted connections with others. Communication can be improved as we become empathic and good listeners. As quoted by Marcus Tullius Cicero, “Silence is one of the great arts of communication”. Through silence, we are in touch with how others are feeling and what they are saying. We become astute observers of the whole person, and a keen observer to determine if what one is saying is congruent with their actions and body language. We can also discern the level of trust and quality of relationships.

Silence enables us to preserve our energy with the wisdom to say and do what matters. Therefore, we do not waste  our energy on excessive dialogue and meaningless activities.  It can also serve as a valuable intervention to offset being reactive in potentially emotionally charged situations. We can give ourselves time when we may not have adequate words to express what we are feeling and experiencing.  Ultimately, it makes us feel in control of ourselves by knowing when to speak and what to say. Through silence, we can cultivate wholehearted connections with others by making them feel worthy and valued. As we demonstrate the ingredients of love including: Patience, kindness, humility, courtesy, generosity, unselfishness, good-temperedness, guilessness, and sincerity, relationships are strengthened. Healthy and loving interactions build better and stronger relationships.

Deepen your connection with the world

Silence heightens awareness of our senses of sight, touch, smell, taste, and sound that helps us to be present and experience the fullness of life. Through silence we experience the oneness with all that is. Find ways to connect with your inner child. Be playful. Walk barefoot on the grass. Whether taking a nature walk, day trip, hiking, biking, or whatever you enjoy, take the time to be present. Notice the intricacies of a blooming flower, the sounds of birds, the smells of nature, the gentle touch of the hand of a loved one,  and the taste of your favorite cuisine. These are memorable moments.  If there are places and sites you would like to visit, or if you are immobile, visualization can take you there.  The power of visualization can energize your imagination and bring joy to your heart.  

Be spontaneous and break free of the mundane habits of daily life. Find beauty in small and ordinary things. Late one afternoon while driving after a rainy day, I noticed a beautiful rainbow, and stopped at different spots to capture photos from different angles  Each moment was exhilarating before the sunset.  Get out of your comfort zone and try new things. Feel good now! Do not hesitate to live your life.  Keep a journal of your experiences and encounters and be grateful for the blessings of life.


Silence is our natural and private source of great strength, and is always available for us to access. It preserves your energy and replenishes the soul. Quiet your mind, be still, and set your intention to be silent. Take time to pause and immerse yourself in the beauty of each tranquil moment. Flow with life gracefully and with ease. Make intuitive decisions aligned with your highest good. Be grateful for this valuable resource for restoration and rejuvenation. You will experience the fullness of life; and find peace, rest, and contentment.


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