How To Remain In Balance With Your Emotions: Crystals For Highly Sensitive People…

How To Remain In Balance With Your Emotions: Crystals For Highly Sensitive People

Being highly sensitive is often a blessing and a curse. There are certain upsides to being sensitive: you feel emotions much deeper, and you’re usually better attuned to what others feel. Since sensitive people feel more thoroughly, they make excellent artists, musicians, and therapists. Unfortunately, there are some negative aspects of being highly emotional: you tend to be more sensitive to misfortunes of those around you and often cry more easily. All of that can be a big obstacle to your day-to-day life, especially if you’re working in a high-pressure job, or basically any type of employment that requires you to deal with a lot of people.

There are ways to get in balance with your emotions, some of them are more conventional, such as therapy, while others can have equally positive effects. One of them is using crystals and keeping them nearby, so for that reason, here is a list of crystals that can help those with imbalanced emotions get better:

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1. Amethyst

Known as one of the most powerful healing crystals, amethyst has been helpful in dealing with anxiety, anger, and sadness. It’s a beautiful purple stone that can be worn as a necklace or any other piece of jewelry. But, it’s important to mention that amethyst is most effective when worn at the throat of the heart, so making a necklace out of it is the best way to have it nearby. Also, if you’ve suffered from a recent loss, wearing amethyst can help you come to terms since it’s a wonderful connector between physical, mental and emotional entities.

2. Jade

If you’ve been suffering from irritability and other negative emotions, then jade is the right stone for you. It’s also believed that it can help those who have sleeping issues such as nightmares. But, jade is definitely most effective when worn in one’s pocket during the day, at least according to ancients. There are different types of jade such as lavender jade (for emotional pain), orange jade (for bringing joy), blue or blue-green jade (for bringing peace and composure) and red jade (for stimulating passion in a positive way). So, depending on your needs, you can choose some of them to help you deal with your emotional issues.

3. Moonstone

Coming in creamy or clear white color with elements of pink, this stone is, as its name says, connected to the Moon. Those who suffer from stress and emotional instability can see a lot of positive effects if they decide to use it. Its elegant and feminine design makes it a great jewelry piece, so feel free to consider wearing a moonstone necklace that will keep you calm and protected and give you an elegant look. This crystal is highly effective when it comes to understanding old emotional patterns and then dealing with them in an appropriate manner.

4. Lepidolite

This stone is rich in lithium which is known to help with emotional balance and anger. Besides, lepidolite can also help with the physical consequences of stress by balancing muscles and nerves. Since it’s so effective, it’s also great for periods of change, as it helps the transition be smoother and more peaceful. Additionally, it can help those who suffer from unhealthy emotional attachments, but it’s still best when dealing with times of rapid change because it can bring balance and emotional stability because it acts as a natural anti-depressant that can also help you eliminate the baggage that’s burdening your ego.

5. Rose quartz

If you have difficulties in romantic relationships, then this crystal will be of tremendous help. It can help promote love, friendship, peacefulness, and self-love. Due to its healing and love-attracting properties, it can be used to gain a sense of trust and understand past relationships. In case you feel upset, placing rose quartz near your heart can help you connect with the heart chakra and bring joy and peace into your life. Clearing your mind and getting in touch with your feelings can be of great use if you want to live a balanced and harmonious life.

6. Hematite

Hematite is a dark and shiny stone made of iron, which is why it looks metallic. Still, its main property is absorbing negative energy and combating stress. Since it’s very protective, it’s can be useful whenever you need grounding and stability in life. Also, hematite is a very strong mind stimulator, helping with memory improvement and deepening thoughts which can all lead to more introspection and emotional balance.


Being sensitive is nothing to be ashamed about since deep emotions can help one be more empathetic and encouraging. But, it’s also important to learn how to regulate those emotions so you won’t suffer from the consequences of your own impulsivity. These healing crystals will surely bring joy, stability and positive energy into your life, so if you happen to need them, don’t hesitate to give them a try, because chances are you’ll see positive effects very soon.


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