How To Balance Your 7 Chakras With Food…

How To Balance Your 7 Chakras With Food

Like all things, food has energy. The food we consume affects the energy of our personal ecosystems or our chakras. In order to stay healthy, we need to have balanced and flowing energy from head to toe. When our energy system, or chakras, are in alignment we feel positive in our wellness, in the groove of life and we have the appropriate energy we need to handle the day. We know that food affects our mind, our mood, our energy levels and our health. To find optimal balance, we must eat high vibration foods that help to restore balance and provide energy to our cells and, therefore, our energy system. Below are food tips that help to balance or open each chakra. Please note, working on one chakra alone is generally not an ideal practice as all energy and health works holistically.

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Chakra-Based Diet

There are seven main chakras in your energy system, and although there are many more chakras, these seven are often referred to as the vortexes of energy that govern our physical, emotional and mental bodies. When the chakras become imbalanced, blocked, or over-charged, the chakras will reveal the corresponding imbalanced energy that often shows up as ill-health and/or mental and emotional discomfort. To find balance and restoration, you may try to adjust your diet according to the suggestions below. If you need help determining which energy system is out of balance, there are multiple resources online and energy body workers available.

1st Chakra

High protein foods (including animal protein if that is allowable in your diet), as well as healthy fat foods, help to stabilize and ground the root energy of the first chakra. Root vegetables, red and dark leafy greens also aid to restore first chakra balance.

2nd Chakra

Avocado, dark chocolate, grass-fed butter and nuts are good options for the second chakra. Higher fiber fruits and veggies, as well as easily digested grains are helpful for the Sacral Chakra.

3rd Chakra

Herbs and moderately spicy foods such as ginger, peppers, cinnamon, paprika and bitters help to invigorate the Solar Plexus Chakra. Citrus fruit and other yellow colored veggies help as well. Food enzymes and lighter fare are recommended. Room temperature fluids and lemon water also help to cleanse and restore.

4th Chakra

All types of greens are excellent for the Heart Chakra. Steamed veggies and soups made with kale, Brussel sprouts, collard greens and beans would be excellent choices.

5th Chakra

Soothing herbs and foods are helpful for the Throat Chakra. Blueberries, raspberries, dates and warm teas are suggested. Fruits grown on trees also resonate with the fifth Chakra. Reduce dairy and other inflammatory foods. Sea salt water gargling is also recommended when needed.

6th Chakra

Lighter fare is helpful to restore balance to the Third Eye Chakra. Berries and nuts, herbs such as chamomile, lavender and sage or rosemary are useful in teas or cooking. Reduce sugar and alcohol intake.

7th Chakra

To restore balance to the Crown Chakra, bring attention to the nutrition you might receive from higher vibration sources, such as nature, music, sunshine, relationships and love. This is a “feed your soul” kind of sustenance, which is equally as important as real grub!


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