Awareness Of The Ego

I refer to the ego voice as the mean girl at school because it conjures up the perfect image for me. It’s the voice inside your head that is negative, it puts you down, insults you, belittles you, makes you feel stupid, awkward, ugly or unworthy (or all of these!!!). It’s that voice. Do you know the one I’m talking about?

On one hand it is there to keep you safe but it also keeps you small and stuck in situations that don’t serve you, like a job that is safe but doesn’t stretch you, or relationships that aren’t accepting of the real you, you stay because it’s more comfortable and safe than the unknown and the perceived loneliness. The ego keeps you well within the realms of your comfort zone where it knows it is nice and safe, but it doesn’t let you grow and expand, it creates all the limiting beliefs that are keeping you stuck where you currently are.

We are souls with a human body! The ego is a by-product of the chemical reaction that takes place when we incarnate into our bodies, when our soul and physical body meet. It is like another layer, just under your skin that keeps your soul contained in your physical body. The ego is necessary because our souls are pure love and light, they have no physical form and in a sense need to be contained.

The universe and everything in it, is constantly expanding (universal law of expansion), that includes you, me, all of us. It is natural for us to learn, grow and expand, therefore the ego is preventing our natural state of expansion. There will always be a battle between the ego and the soul within our physical bodies. The soul is the positive voice within us, our natural cheerleader, egging us forward with love and joy. The ego is the negative voice, wanting us to stay where we are, within our comfort zone.

The ego works from the past, it collects data from the past, your past self and past actions and behaviours and creates limiting beliefs from this data, it creates stories and limitations from this data and this is what creates your current reality. Except it isn’t your current reality, it is already your past reality.

Becoming aware of your ego voice is so important if you want to move to the next level, to release and work through your limiting beliefs, to move into a positive state of well-being, to love and appreciate yourself as your soul does. To create stable foundations for your life to be built up from. It’s not a quick fix, one day jobbie, it takes time, patience, love and perseverance. All of your limiting beliefs will have trapped emotions underlying it and it’s important to clear those as you are working through them.

Maybe you do something silly and instead of just laughing it off, because we are human and we’re all in this together, your ego voice starts telling you that you are so stupid, old enough to know better, you never learn. Sound familiar? This used to be on repeat for me, for years, it made me feel unworthy, small and I felt awkward in social situations, unworthy of making new friends, it made me meek and timid.

Until I made the decision NO MORE! And I started meditating regularly, doing the inner work, noticing the voice and contradicting it, pushing myself and getting comfortable with the uncomfortable. Don’t get me wrong, it’s still there but it’s not as loud now and I know instantly when its my ego voice.

We are here to achieve so much more than our ego will let us, if we allow it to stay in control. You need to take control instead, allow your soul to speak to you with more clarity and take action from a soul led place rather than an ego led place. Is the voice speaking in the positive with love or the negative? That’s the easiest way to know. Start listening to that voice, becoming aware of the ego voice will already have the power to dilute it. There is no need to shut it down and make it an enemy as it does have it’s uses, but it’s important to not allow it to control you anymore. Don’t let the ego hold you back anymore!!!

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