Awaken To Your Dreams And Understand Their Meaning…

Awaken To Your Dreams And Understand Their Meaning

Dreams are phantasmagoric, a sequence of imaginary images. You wake up in a haze, a vague remembrance. Was it you, or someone else having that experience? Then it comes back to you: maybe in living color, flashes, or sensations. Where were you? Did your consciousness take a trip, was it a peek into the unconscious or messages from a Divine Source?

The land of dreams is strange terrain. The unnatural happens: time doesn’t work, metaphoric symbols foretell the future, and illuminate the past or the present.

We wander into a creativity with no rules, except for the one about the unreal seeming real!

But what is real, really, reality? Are dreams an examination of that? They seem to remind us that the unseen world is the real-true essence of ongoing creation. We play with creation in our dreams. We notice our immense imagination. So why so many secrets, symbols, struggles and subliminations? Are we hiding from ourselves? The great “Who am I” question begs to be answered. Am I the dreamer or the dream, the one in the dream, or all the characters?

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Dreams for creativity

If we are so ingenious during dreams perhaps we use dreams to practice creativity. Some soul-searching would tell us that we are far deeper, more complicated and illusive than we define ourselves in the awaked realm. Furthermore, when you ask about people’s dreams sometimes they tell you about their life-plans instead of their adventures in the REM state. Dream can help formulate your life plans.

Sleep is an exploratory state of mind, not exactly restful according to the latest research. We go unconscious to study the unconscious. We study the unconscious to become conscious. Then we study the conscious to understand the unconscious. Surely something is longing for integration. People love symbols, stories, myths, parables and even riddles. When dreaming, we engage the mind on these various levels to understand the soul.

Dreams are Soul-Scapes

The soul wanders and we follow. But it likes to be illusive. The waking realm is not its comfort zone. Too much gravity in every sense inhibits play. This playful Soul expands our horizons even into dark places. It is less afraid, more curious, and less judgmental in its exploration of creativity. Consider the Fine Arts. Those who do engage in art, music, writing, dance etc. practice dream states of transcendence more easily. However, we are all creatives watching the everlasting Great Creation constantly changing our environment and experiences. We are Creators in a Creative world, Dreamers in an ever-evolving Dream.

Messages come in dreams. They may be disguised, wearing strange costumes or forms. Several inventors, scientists, and authors have been enlightened in their dreams. Einstein discovered many equations from dreams. Mary Shelley wrote Frankenstein after experiencing a terrifying nightmare. Elias Howe was working on inventing the sewing machine but was frustrated by the needle and thread becoming entangled. One night he dreamt of tribal people chasing him with spears…each spear with a hole at the end. Frightened by the repetitive spears thrusting toward him, he awoke abruptly and proceeded to design a needle with an opening at the bottom instead of the top, and thus the sewing machine was born!

Where do these messages come from? The Divine, Divine inspiration, the Godly gene, Angels, another person’s thoughts, personal insights…all traveling through non-local spaciousness until caught in that one little raid eye catching movement. Musing on dreams is like poetry. Small insights merge with vast galaxies of non-time. We can be here, there, and everywhere, or stuck in some paralyzed state temporarily, like an opossum playing dead…which actually happens to us physically sometimes during REM sleep. Opossums are, by the way, prolific dreamers. Are they too creating our world? Maybe we should try sleeping upside down for a quicker glimpse of this soulful realm.

We have scary dreams, fun dreams like flying high in powerful flight. We have strange, bizarre dreams that wake us with disturbance, sweet dreams with visits from those we miss, and we have prophetic dreams revealing the future.

Dreams call us to pay attention

Sometimes by waking us with a falling sensation. I believe dreams illuminate the deep psyche, universal themes and personal needs, ancient knowing and Divine messages. They don’t lack creativity in their expression. Try to remember your dreams. You can do this by the power of suggestion before you go to sleep, called dream incubation, or by putting a notebook next to your bed and writing down what you remember. Hold still and don’t move when you are first wake-up. Then remember the dream and review it in your mind. Dreams hold secret codes of information. They reveal obstacles and sometimes brilliant answers.

Through Freud, Jung and Perls to name a few, psychology has fantastic ways of deciphering dreams. I have been privileged to teach dream workshops with my son Dr. Richard Ries who is a psychologist. A professional analysis and interpretation of dreams is enriching and enlightening. People are inspired and relieved by such sharing, especially when we include Polarity Therapy principles as well. Elements and Chakras offer exciting ways to further explore meaning in your dreams.

Dreams reveal deep intuitions to help you awaken. Yes, Awaken. Be reminded of the power of Creation. Awaken to your dreams!

Wishing you sweet dreams.


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