3 Astrological Ways To Cope When You’re Feeling Vulnerable…

3 Astrological Ways To Cope When You’re Feeling Vulnerable

In astrology, we correlate the emotions with the water signs and there’s a logical reason for that.

Our feelings roll in like rainstorms do. A trigger feels similar to lightning in the sky; unexpected and electrical. When we’re “struck” by words or actions that hurt or make us angry, our emotional landscape darkens as the clouds of discontent roll in and the rains begin to fall. The initial trigger can cause a sprinkling or a bona fide tempest; but regardless of the intensity, we have no choice but to wait out the emotional storm.

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Feelings and the Water Signs

Those of us with a lot of water in our natal chart likely relate to this analogy the most because we’re highly sensitive to our emotions, but it still applies to the rest of us.

There’s a common misconception that the traits of a sign are only relevant to you if we’re talking about your Sun Sign. The signs and planets represent universal human archetypes and they all exist within our natal chart meaning that regardless of your Sun sign, all 12 signs hold meaning for you and can impart much wisdom into the realms of your emotions. Emotions, like water, are fluid and unpredictable. What may seem flat and still on the surface can burn, freeze, or swallow you up in an instant. Fresh, clean water can go sluggish and rotten very quickly (just like emotions), depending on the environment.

While the Water Signs are thought to be responsible for the quality of our emotional experience, every sign and corresponding planet generates intense emotional reactions in their own way. For the sake of this article, I want to focus solely on the emotionality of Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces and the ways in which all three can be moody, creative, hypersensitive and psychic. I’ve written 2 previous articles in this series; Anxiety and the Earth Sign connection, and Anger and the Fire Sign connection. Keep an eye out for the next article on the Air Signs. All 4 are designed to help you to understand how the signs and planets in astrology work as a whole.


Cancer is ruled by the Moon. We can all relate to the impact that the Moon has on our daily lives. As the Moon effects the tides of the earth, it impacts our emotional tides. The sign of Cancer speaks to what we need in order to feel nurtured, loved and safe. In a place of emotional insecurity, panic rises and we often react by becoming needy, demanding and controlling.

Think about the places in your life where you’ve felt chronically unwanted or unloved. These are very likely happening where the sign of Cancer (or the Moon) resides in your chart. “Moody” is a keyword for Cancer and if you find yourself feeling as if the love you give isn’t reciprocated, you might have a prevalence of the sign of Cancer in your chart.


Pluto-ruled Scorpio tells us we do with the emotions we don’t want to feel. Unhealthy attachments show up for everyone, as do relationships in which we have power struggles or act straight out of instinct instead of awareness. When we end up in emotionally dark places, manipulate in order to get what we want, or become furious and compelled to get revenge, we’ve activated our Scorpio side.

Oddly enough, Scorpio is about repressing the truth of what’s happening internally (which propels us to act unconsciously), but it’s also about feeling so deeply that it hurts (coupled with a willingness to be emotionally uncomfortable). Both “control” and “surrender” are Scorpio keywords, and if you find yourself experiencing these conflicting ways of being, you may have quite a bit of Scorpio in your chart.


Pisces is ruled by Neptune and speaks to how we go emotionally unconscious. In Pisces, our emotions get confusing and nebulous. Sometimes we wear rose-colored glasses through which everyone and everything seems good (even when they’re not), other times we act as psychic sponges; becoming attuned to feelings that don’t belong to us (which is overwhelming, to say the least).

Pisces has the capacity to feel really deeply, but when things get vague or our emotions become too confusing or intense, it’s easy to check out of our experience, and simply detach from reality. When we’re operating from the Pisces places in our charts, we can feel things rather acutely or we can be fairly numb and clueless to the fact that we have emotions at all.

What Each Water Sign Needs

When it comes to Water Signs, anxiety, hurt, and emotional discomfort can easily balloon up and become huge facets of our experience. How do we soothe the vulnerable, sensitive parts of ourselves when we feel unloved, vengeful or we’ve fallen asleep all together to our emotions When we’ve jumped off the cliff into melancholy, emotional repression or disillusionment, we’re engaging in the destructive sides of the Water Signs. In order to alleviate the tension, we can feed the creative sides.

Cancer needs security and therefore if you feel yourself heading toward an emotional downward spiral, it’s likely because the ground below you, the house around you, or the people you love, have left you feeling unsteady and anxious. You’ll need to work on cultivating your sense of safety and this means working on the things that you can control. Create a safe, sacred space where you can retreat from the world, cook yourself delicious food and spend some time sifting through old memories. Come back to yourself by making your world small and cozy.

Scorpio needs to know, so make truth your mission. When you’re feeling stressed, it’s usually because there are things unspoken, or elephants in the room. To feed the creative side of Scorpio, you’ll want to begin by being truthful with yourself. Are you telling yourself the truth about what you need and desire? Think long and hard about that question. Nothing makes you more emotionally uncomfortable than being lied to and manipulated by someone else, except playing those same games with yourself.

To activate the creative side of Pisces, practice checking in with yourself. Pisces likes to escape at the mere thought of emotional discomfort and so to balance that, check in. Take a few seconds here and there to do a body scan and get a sense of what you’re actually feeling in that moment. You might be surprised at how often you’re anxious or unsettled for example, but this is exactly the kind of thing that makes you unconsciously disconnect from your body in the first place.

As you practice tuning in, you’ll notice that even naming the discomfort (“Wow, I’m really nervous right now”) brings clarity which help to dissolve it, making it far more pleasant to inhabit your body. Remember that emotions are simply a perception of the moment in which we’re feeling them. Even though they may seem all-encompassing, they will pass. Looking at your mental state through the lens of the water signs can help you orient and bring a bit of neutrality into your experience.

To read more about the astrological signs and their connections to emotions, consider reading the other articles in this series.

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