Asking For (And Receiving) Anything You Want From The Universe…

Asking For (And Receiving) Anything You Want From The Universe

More and more, we are coming to realize that the Universe is a participatory hologram being created right before our very eyes—by us, for us, through us, in every moment. No longer are we in the back seat and the Universe and negative circumstances are happening to us.

Instead, more and more, we are getting more comfortable in the driver’s seats of our lives, taking responsibility for stepping into our roles as the conscious co-creators and co-creatresses that we truly are. This takes works, and above all, takes intention. In other words, in order to manifest what we want, we have to know what we want. This is simple, yet not necessarily easy. Many times, we are scripting our own negative realities without really even knowing it. The call to action, an invitation to the article, is to begin making subtle shifts in your life and stepping into your becoming. Dreaming your world into Being, and manifesting anything and everything you want in life.

In short, the steps can be simplified into three parts: Ask, Believe, Receive.

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Without asking, we block, or at least limit, ourselves from receiving the gifts that are our birthright. This is because the Universal Law of Free Will will otherwise not be broken. From my perspective, we came to experience this third dimensional plane of existence choosing to explore certain themes and circumstances, to refine our souls and learn more about ourselves. For this reason and others, we are more or less the masters of our experiences, and so generally free will is not something that will be interfered with. In this way, we have to ask, and make our requests known.

In any moment, there are infinite number of guides, angels, ascended masters, benevolent luminous beings, archetypal forces, power and protective animals, our own higher selves, the collective superconscious, the Universe, Spirit, what have you—all waiting to communicate with us and help us at any time. To ask for their help, we can open up a dialogue with the Universe and begin revealing our intentions to Spirit. The important part here is actually making the ask, and making that ask in the present tense, and in the affirmative.


The second integral step is believing. Essentially, here, you align yourself with the vibratory frequency of what you’ve asked for, as if you already have it.

Believing means cultivating and emanating the feelings you wish to embody. Everything we may want—including health, longevity, connectedness, wealth, abundance, success, grounded bliss, joy, inner peace—all the things that are our birthright, already exist.  When we talk about “manifesting” something, we are not talking about “creating it out of thin air” so to speak. Rather, it already exists on a certain frequency, or resonance. Our task, in other words, is to match our own frequencies with that of the vibration that abundance, and the like, already resides on. This is like tuning forks that come together to sound a single note.

As an aside, for more on this topic which explains more about tuning forks coming together (which is essentially the most basic form of broadcasting), you can check out an earlier article called, How to Use Quantum Physics to Find Your Sacred Energy.

In any event, everything already exists at a certain frequency, and our task, or call to action, is to simply align with these vibration resonances. We can do this by “keeping our vibes high” and turning our proverbial dial, or channel, to the same frequency as that of what we wish to manifest. I find the easiest way to embody this resonance is to act and feel as though you already have what it is you want. In other words, we attract what we want by becoming what we want. By embodying what it is we want more of in our lives. By way of example, we can look at abundance or prosperity. If we wish to have more in this regard, then to do so, we can do a few things and ask ourselves a few different questions.

What would we feel like if we had already manifested our greatest desires? What would we feel like if we had already manifested all of the abundance, and more, that we wanted? What would we act like? What would we emanate? What decisions would we make? What, or who, would we surround ourselves with? What does this ideal picture look like?

Visualizing this imagery, and then giving it up to the higher mind, and the Universe, letting go and detaching from these ideals, and then sitting back and trusting Spirit that all falls into place according to divine plan, timing, and orchestration. Cultivating those feelings within ourselves and then allowing these feelings to wash over our entire physical bodies and luminous energy fields, emanating these feelings and vibrations from within us, to the outside world around us. Believing is the key component here. After asking, we can then start believing, because by believing and embodying these resonances, we then tune our dials or our stations on the radio and align our frequency with the same frequency of what it is we’re asking for.

And so those are the first two steps: Asking. And then believing.


The third step is about receiving.

In many ways, this step can be thought of as “getting out of our own way” or serving as the hollow bone, allowing the Universe, or Spirit, to work through us. This is how we clear ourselves to receive anything and everything we want, and actually receive these things, instead of blocking them.

Said another way, once you place your order on the menu of the Universe, trust yourself and trust in the Universe. This can be likened to placing an order on the Internet, like at an online retail shop. For example, when you do so, once you order something online, you place the order and receive an email confirmation shortly thereafter. After receiving an email confirmation, and yet before you receive your actual items, you don’t go to the mailbox every single minute of the day, for days on end, until receiving your order.

Instead, once you receive the email confirmation, you go about your day, and there is a knowing within you that you’ll be receiving your items within a short period of time. You begin to embody and emanate feelings of already having the items because you know they’ll be arriving within divine timing. And when a thought arises in your mind, such as “My items haven’t come yet,” you remind yourself that you received the order confirmation, and can rely on the fact that in a day or two, your package is arriving.

The same or similar thinking holds true when you place your personal order on the menu of the Universe. Once you do, you can sit back, breathe, trust yourself (and trust in the Universe), allowing yourself to receive. Knowing deep within yourself that you placed the order, and now sitting back and patiently receiving. From there, you can confidently get out of your own way, and eliminate questioning arising from within you. Questioning yourself—or allowing these lower vibrations (such as doubts, questions, hesitations, etc.)—only creates more blocks to receiving the order the Universe is working so hard to fulfill on your behalf. Many times we block our own efforts—or get in our own way—by making it even harder than it has to be to receive all this greatness, whether that be health, wealth, success and the like.

The key here is staying in a state of gratitude, appreciation, love and humility; keeping your personal vibration as high as possible.  Staying aligned with positivity, synchronicity, and gratitude, only begets more positivity, synchronicity and gratitude. The more and more attention, intention, and awareness, you place on these things happening for you, the more and more these appear and multiply in your life. This is that time-space reality we often talk about: those circumstances where you step into that Infinite flow of all that is, attuning to the plane of existence where miracles are commonplace and magic is real; reminding ourselves that gratitude is one of the highest vibrations with which we can align; staying attuned with high vibes and continuing to focus on the positive.

In this way, you can check out an earlier article, on my 7-Day Plan to a Higher Vibration, to lift your spirits and keep raising your personal frequency higher and higher, aligning with the natural resonances of the Universe and allowing us to stay attuned to that vibration where all amazing things are not only possible—they are probable. And so this third step is really all about trust. Trusting yourself and trusting the Universe.

Ask, Believe, and Receive.


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