Is There Any Proof That Souls Exist?…

Is There Any Proof That Souls Exist?

Soul is one’s real form; it is what one really is. But not being able to comprehend this subtlest and the most profound element in the Universe, one is surrounded by endless thoughts like, ‘What is Soul? Is there any proof that Souls exist?’, etc. So today, in this article, let’s try and address your question, ‘Is there any proof that Souls exist?’

Wherever we see life, it proves that Souls exist in there

For instance, if you tie grains (a living thing) in a wet cloth, they sprout, right? And if you tie pebbles (non-living thing), would they grow? No! It is because growth is not possible without the Soul. Soul is the life energy (chetan). So wherever you see life, it proves that Souls exist there, within that organism.

Those who doubt the existence of Soul are essentially exposing the existence of their Soul

One in whom the doubt about Soul is created proves that he is a living being. Is it possible for the non-living to have doubt? Therefore Param Pujya Dada Bhagwan says, “Those doubting whether there is a Soul or not, are Souls themselves! The one that doubts is a living being, or else he would not have doubts! None of these other non-living things will have doubt.”

Those that have feelings clearly show the presence of Soul

Where no feelings arise, there is no Soul there. For example a dead body! Until Soul existed in the body, the living being could experience feelings. But as soon as the Soul departs from that body, one can no more have any feelings. The feelings arise because of the presence of Soul!

So wherever there is feeling, there is Soul. Wherever there is any sensation or emotion or the knowledge of pain and happiness, it implies the Soul exists in there.

Soul is an Element

The Soul is an element made up of knowledge and bliss. Hence, the Soul knows all that is happening. How does one know that this leg is aching and this one is not? It is because of Soul that one understands the experience of pain or no pain. One may argue it is the nerve or that the brain knows. But who reads the brain? Brain is only an organ and it exists in a dead body too; but a dead body is not able to know anything. It’s true that if you did not have sensory nerves, you would not perceive things. But it is due to the Soul that one knows.

These birds, no matter how far they fly, are able to return to their home. How does that happen? With the help of Soul. Even in human beings, husband is able to recognize his wife and wife is able to recognize her husband. This is because of the Soul. In pitch darkness, if you are given something to eat, it would go only in your mouth, isn’t it? And if someone asks you what you ate, you will be able to tell that too. All of this proves that Soul exists.

Since the inherent property of Soul is infinite knowledge, one ‘knows’. So, knowing anything proves that Souls exist. As many coverings over the Soul break, that much Knowledge gets exposed in worldly life!

Not only Souls, there are six eternal elements that exist in this Universe

The world is made up of six eternal elements. These six eternal elements are revolving around one another, constantly undergoing changes; as a result of which the phases are arising. The living beings that we see in various life-forms in the entire Universe are nothing but the different phases of the Soul. It is because of these phases that this world is seen. In this world, only the phases are visible. The Soul is not something that you can see! The Soul cannot be caught on camera, nor is it visible to the eyes. You cannot see it through a microscope, binoculars or any other instrument. You cannot see it with anything; that much subtle the Soul is. Even if Soul was surrounded by flames, the flames would not touch it; so subtle it is!

Due to the presence of other elements, illusion arises

Suppose you are in a room where there are too many mirrors on the wall. Now, if you have ignorance regarding ‘what is a mirror and what is its property’, looking at the images in the mirror, you will wonder, ‘what is this, what is this?’ and thus get puzzled. It is because illusion arises. Right now, you know that ‘this is mirror and this is my image’, so you do not get puzzled. But until you do not know, until there is ignorance, illusion arises! Just like you are one entity and the mirror is another, whose property is to reflect and show that image; similarly, here also, you (the Soul) are one element and atoms (parmanu) are another element. Depending on the intents we make, the element changes and it takes the form; accordingly the phase comes into being and the illusion begins!

Illusion is due to ignorance of our real Self

Have you not heard people say, “I must have done some bad deeds in past life.” This proves we existed in past life. Rebirth is a proof that Soul exists – that Soul was, is, and shall always remain.

“You say, ‘I am John (you may insert your own name here).’ But John is the name of the body (phase). Shouldn’t you know ‘who am I’ in this body? It is that Self which you need to recognize”, urges Param Pujya Dadashri. He further explains, “You cannot see air, but you know this is air, isn’t it? Can you see the fragrance? But even then you are convinced that it is perfume. This is how you can be convinced that there is Soul. Just as you recognize perfume by its fragrance; you can recognize the Soul from the Soul’s bliss; and then you will be able to see this world as it is.”

To experience the bliss, the ignorance needs to move away

The ignorance is that of the Self i.e. ‘Who am I?’ Only when the knowledge of the Self (Self-Realization) is bestowed upon us by a Living Gnani Purush, the experience of the Self begins. Once we experience the Soul, there shall remain no doubt then. Thereafter the awareness that ‘I am a Pure Soul’ exists spontaneously and naturally; it is present even when we wake up in the middle of the night.


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